Floppy disk coasters

Best coasters ever! For the inner-geek, these silicone floppy disk coasters are just too awesome. Available through multiple vendors on Aliexpress for around $10 a set. The funky highlighter colors really brighten up any lounge.

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Today I review the Simplehuman 40 liter slim plastic step can in full detail. Why would I spend the time reviewing a trash can in depth you ask? Well for the small subset of people out there who love to research in-depth before pulling the trigger on an actual product, this is for you. I love to do the research, especially if it’s going to be a product I’m going to use on a daily basis.

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trash bags three quarter

See I, like many others, wouldn’t normally give the kitchen trash can much thought. However after moving apartments and using a trash can which would never really properly open when stepped on, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a bit of research and after checking out many reviews online, I decided on a Simplehuman trashcan for a few reasons:

1.)  It was available in white (out of three possible colors, white, black, or grey)

2.)  I liked the idea that Simplehuman had tested their peddles and they go on to say a figure of 150,000 steps (20 steps a day for 20 years)

3.)  Simplehuman trash cans are easy to find in any store to test before buying

4.)  I liked the idea of a silent lid close. (some of their smaller bins don’t have this)

5.)  5 year warranty on their bins apparently backed by good customer service

The 40l (10.57 gallons) was a good size to put next to the counter-top in our kitchen. The white compliments the white cabinetry that we have. I also liked the idea of a plastic bin which has more of a subtle design cue than a bold stainless steel can.

Without further ado, here are the ins and outs; the full review:


Modern day technology allows you to take advantage of the craziest gadgets that you have not possibly thought of. Some of them may be known to you in their nascent versions, but they have come again in all new versions to surprise you. Hereunder are 7 cool gadgets for your home that will surely transform your house into a modern electronic home.

Modular Solar Panels

Electricity is getting expensive and now that most things are running on electricity, your energy bills are all set to rise phenomenally in the near future. But you can now control your energy bills with some modest investment that will save you some good amount of money through buying modular solar panels.

You can buy one module at a time at a price of $1000 per piece and continue to add modules as you require. These panels supply you electricity absolutely free of cost from the heat of the sun and have a decent life.

Touch less Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock

Home security is becoming a concern for everybody but with touch less Bio-Matic fingerprint door lock you don’t need to worry either about losing your keys or security of your house. The lock is a battery operated gadget that can be programmed for several finger print users, comes with two back keys and can be accessed with a pass code.

Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock

You could have been a victim of bicycle theft from your own house or elsewhere. Now there is an all new alarm padlock made from high grade cast steel and shackle. The alarm sets off immediately on tempering with the lock and sounds in two tones for ten seconds. After ten seconds the lock re-arms itself.

I- Grill

I- Grill is a dual sensor meat thermometer that is available on for $79.95. This I-Grill is much better than some of the versions already existing in the market because it has many features that are not there in the existing models.

I-Grill sounds an alarm when the meat is ready through an application that is available on the android store so you don’t need to hover around the grill.

Back Pack Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are a necessary household gadget but they have never been cooler than now. There is all new back pack vacuum cleaner that has a light weight container that you can hold on your back along with a good machine that sucks up all the dust particles from your house.

Connected TV

Entertainment is central to you and that includes watching TV, surfing internet, browsing social-networking sites and much more. With the new connected TV you can browse the web, download from the internet and even streamline content from your smart phone or tablet.

I-Pad Mount

With the Belkin I-Pad Cabinet mount you can use your favorite I-pad where ever you want; in the kitchen without the fear of dust or counter clutter or while cleaning your house. The mount can be adjusted to fit any cabinet or shelf without the use of any tools.

Do you have any of these cool gadgets for your home?


There’s nothing like coming home to a warm shower after a hard day at work. A shower that’s functional but fabulous in its design will do a lot for rejuvenation, rest and relaxation. Here are some unique showers that you might want to consider, soak them up, you’ll be glad you did.

Curved Shower Bench

Are you in the sitting room or in the shower? With the curved shower bench there might be some confusion as to where you are. The bench curves mold to the natural shape of the body, so you can relax while the water falls on your spent body. The colors, gray and green, further add to the atmosphere of relaxation and the bench is large enough to accommodate a couple friends as well.

Luxury Glass Shower Enclosure

A glass enclosed shower, held up by traditional frames, gives you a view from the outside-in or the inside-out. Marble floors add a bit of luxury and the bench provides a place to relax on the days that you don’t feel like standing.

Etched Glass Shower Doors

Unlike glass doors, etched glass doors provide some degree of privacy. The glass features decorative patterns and lettering to add luxury to the shower. A bench, steam and multiple body sprays also enhance the look and functionality of the shower.

Steam Shower Room

A steam room and a shower in one, that’s what you’ll get with the steam shower room. The inner walls are covered with Brazilian slate, while the gray tiled exterior complement the inner slate. Relax on the teak bench with a friend when you just want to take in the steam.

Shower with Limestone Tile

It’s all about relaxation and softness with this limestone tiled shower. Unexpected bits of softness like the water proof Roman shade, varying shapes and sizes of the limestone tile and the soft curves of the bench really inspire relaxation. The muted color palette also helps to create a serene atmosphere.

Curved Partial Wall

A partially curved, beaded wall is all that separates you from the rest of the bathroom. The half wall gives some measure of privacy and the otherwise open view lets the light in from your nearby windows. The bathroom can accommodate up to two people at once.


The hydrotherapy shower unit from SilverTAG is arresting, both in appearance and price. Get in the shower and have a series of jets, which are computer controlled, come at you from all directions. From the front, back, side, top and yes from directly under your feet. It’s an experience you’ll definitely want to have if you don’t mind the hefty price tag.

Rain Showers

If you’d rather not have jets of water coming at you from all directions the rain shower from RainSky might be what you need. Simulating nature, the shower sends a curtain of rainfall from above.

Fire Down Below

The Viteo shower sends the water from below your feet in a steady stream. Not for the fainthearted, and definitely not for the environmentally conscious since this unit will use a ton of energy to overcome the forces of gravity.

Chromatherapeutic Showers

There’s a thin line between water and lightning with the futuristic wellness shower from Gessi. The unit sends out varying colors as the water comes out to provide chromatherapy. Whether the therapy works or not, that’s up for debate, but it certainly provides an eye riveting experience.

Eco Drop Showers

If you’re mindful of water conservation you’ll want to limit the amount of time that you spend in the shower. With the Eco Drop showers, you won’t need a stopwatch or an alarm because the floor tiles will raise themselves up when you’ve used enough water to get clean. You’ll have to get out the shower because there won’t be anywhere for you to stand.

Would you pay the cost to have a unique shower in your home or are you satisfied with more traditional options?


Having great personal productivity is essential to meeting your personal and professional goals. However, many people just aren’t very good at staying on task. Whether you’re plugging away on the computer at work or finishing up yet another task around the house, the below seven tips will help you increase your personal productivity tenfold.

Set Goals

Setting daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term goals is one of the best ways to increase your personal productivity. Knowing what you need to do and how to do it will help you actually accomplish it. Make sure that your goals are clear and measurable.

Use a Task Timer

If you are jumping around between a number of different tasks, try using a task timer for each one. For instance, if you are a freelance writer and need to write five articles, set a time limit for each one of them and stick to it. Handheld timers or online timers (like are great at helping you increase your personal productivity.

Remove Distractions

Don’t sit in front of the television while working on your big project. Don’t invite Susie into your office to chat while typing up a document either. When you’re working, removing distractions is one of the keys to efficiently accomplishing tasks.

Create an Efficient Workspace

A desk cluttered with empty soda cans, a sandwich wrapper from lunch, and the latest issue of Cosmo isn’t an efficient place to work. The distractions are numerous. Clean up your workspace and only keep the absolute essentials close at hand to up your personal productivity.

Productivity Apps

Yep, you heard that right: productivity apps. And, yep, that’s right: they’re for your smartphone. As distracting as phones can be, they are also great tools for increasing your personal productivity when used correctly. Check out tasks, lists, and notes if you’re an iPhone user.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Living an all-around healthy lifestyle is a generic tip as far as these things go, but that does nothing to diminish its importance. Eat healthy food, drink enough water, and get enough sleep at night to increase your personal productivity the next day. Daily exercise can also help clear the mind and keep you energized to totally tackle whatever tasks are at hand.

Plan for the Next Day

At the end of the day, take five minutes to draw up a simple plan of attack for the next day. Simply getting to work and already having a plan is an absolutely terrific way to increase your personal productivity.

Hire a Productivity Coach

It’s a last resort, definitely, but also one that works. If you are really struggling to stay on task, hire a productivity or performance coach. They will show you even more detailed techniques to increase your personal productivity and sometimes simply talking to a professional can work wonders.

Personal productivity may seem like something out of a dream, but if you follow the tips above, then you’ll soon find that it can be a dream come true. It might not be fun to increase your personal productivity but the benefits of staying on task and getting more done are endless.

How do you stay on task and increase your personal productivity? Have you found one method that absolutely works for you?