30 Of The Best Walk-In-Shower Designs

We’ve talked a lot about bathroom design in the past. With so many cool new walk-in shower designs out there, we’ve decided to narrow down the top 30 that will hopefully give you inspiration for your own walk-in-shower in your home. In no particular order:

blue green two person walk in shower design

Contemporary green/blue tile walk in shower design with full glass door and lots of great natural lighting. There is also a seat inside that matches with the dark wooden platform on the outside too.

blue pattern bathroom design with walk in shower

Blue textured theme walk in shower design. Provides a nice cool feeling in a bathroom that may not have any natural lighting.

waterfall walk in shower design

Super contemporary two glass wall design with a waterfall. The shower area is sunk in a little bit to contain the water, but the lip doesn’t seem too noticeable and could be a tripping hazard when exiting the shower. The black wall accents well with the white and matches with the black tub wall. White and black makes for a great contrast here and will look great with some great artificial/ natural lighting.

white brick tile walk in shower

White brick tiled contemporary shower, with a half glass wall, and no door. Notice the on/off on the left so no need to reach around the glass door to turn on the shower before getting in. The lack of an immediate ceiling also makes the space feel a lot larger than it is.


blue modern waterfall walk in shower

I like the idea of using colored shower heads to create a certain mood. Here this works well as it matches the led lighting found in the sink area. This of course is just a rendering, so more thought would have to be put into how the router runs out in terms of drainage.

stone wall walk in shower

Dual waterfall shower with a rocky/ shale background – very outdoorsy and natural feel here. Having some bright lights to light up this corner also makes for a much better experience.

purple futuristic walk in shower design

Another futuristic design, I like the white/ black with colored led combo. But utility wise there are a few issues here. First is that there doesn’t seem to be a drain, and the raised platform could be a tripping hazard, as well as spill water onto the floor fairly easily. Also the glass panel above would be hard to clean given on the top, but would protect the ceiling (bit of a trade off here).

brick walk in shower bedroom view

All glass en-suite. Makes the overall space larger, but a bit unflattering seeing someone using the toilet from your bedroom.

walk in shower with bathtub

The darker smaller tiles complement the white marble flooring very nicely. Twin doors allow two people to enter and exit at the same time, and the tub and shower area are both in the same area – makes for a very nice touch. I’m really liking this set-up.

walk in shower divided by wall

Split wall design. Not really loving the stony tiles, but some other people might like the beachy feel.

seated walk in shower modern design

This is a super contemporary shower with a wooden seat. The dark charcoal color walls work very well with the mid brown color of the wood.

twin head walk in shower

This twin walk in shower is perfect for couples, nicely lit both with waterfall heads and plenty of towel storage located close by.

tub turns walk in shower hybrid design

This is a concept tub/ shower that rotates depending on what you want to do. You can use it as a tub or as a shower – pretty cool – although the mechanical movement would add to the cost here.

large black tile walk in shower design

The black larger tiles look really good here contrasted with the white wall. Also the black tile gets lit up well with the skylight.

marble walk in shower design

Lots of light marble here as well as a floating sink really makes this space look a lot larger than it is. The glass wall and door for separating the shower seems to be the way many modern bathrooms are going (no more tub/ shower curtain combos).

one sheet glass walk in shower

I’m liking the single glass pane walk in shower designs. Not sure how drainage would really work here, especially with a wooden floor. I would have preferred some proper bathroom tiles here for easier maintenance. The frosted square windows are kind of old school – not my favorite, but they do let some outdoor lighting/ lighting from another room in.

dark blue contemporary walk in shower

All glass walk in shower here, no need for a door as the shower is deep enough, however room or space for hanging towels is limited. Maybe over the door rail?

Glass cubicle walk in shower

Nice floor to ceiling glass walk-in-shower design with wood slats.

green walk in shower

A green design with lots of lighting is a nice playful design for a bathroom here.

Blue doorless walk in shower

I’m really digging this design here. Loving the different shades of blue tiles to go with the white inside colored flooring of the walk in shower. Lots of natural light. Log optional.

blue futuristic walk in shower design

Colored glass is a potential way to go. Looks pretty futuristic, but you’d need to accent with the right color towels!

concrete walk in shower design

I like the industrial feel of this concrete shower. I’m not a huge fan of the cut-out for storage, as it does look a little tacky. However with good lighting, this kind of set-up has some great potential.

curved wall walk in shower

Circular walk-in-shower with small shimmery blue/ aqua tiles with seat. Dual shower head for two people at the same time.

country walk in shower rustic design

Beautiful country rustic walk in shower, uses the natural exposed concrete wall. The exposed piping from the faucet to the shower head adds to the rustic look.

contemporary walk in shower

Beautiful dark and light with brown/ greyish large tiles/ Good space for towel storage and a seat as well.

white walk in shower design

The rectangular lines and the large space of this shower makes for a very clean and modern look. Notice that the jets are also rectangular/ square as well.

modern waterfall design walk in shower

This set-up is just gorgeous. With a view out to the greenery, this walk in shower with a large waterfall is simply amazing.

natrual rustic walk in shower bathroom

Rustic, outdoorsy walk-in-shower design. The use of large pieces of dark natural wood looks great, and the his and hers basins is a great touch.

red marble walk in shower

A lot of red marble here. The red marble goes well with the dark wood door. This one is expensive, but has a very luxurious, warm feel.

two area walk in shower

This shower has a separate wash and dry area – something a little different that you usually don’t see. The black tiles definitely accents the white shower base well.

So there you have it, a whole bunch of walk-in-shower ideas. Which one is your favorite?

Author: Edwin

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