7 Cool Gadgets for Your Home

Modern day technology allows you to take advantage of the craziest gadgets that you have not possibly thought of. Some of them may be known to you in their nascent versions, but they have come again in all new versions to surprise you. Hereunder are 7 cool gadgets for your home that will surely transform your house into a modern electronic home.

Modular Solar Panels

Electricity is getting expensive and now that most things are running on electricity, your energy bills are all set to rise phenomenally in the near future. But you can now control your energy bills with some modest investment that will save you some good amount of money through buying modular solar panels.

You can buy one module at a time at a price of $1000 per piece and continue to add modules as you require. These panels supply you electricity absolutely free of cost from the heat of the sun and have a decent life.

Touch less Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock

Home security is becoming a concern for everybody but with touch less Bio-Matic fingerprint door lock you don’t need to worry either about losing your keys or security of your house. The lock is a battery operated gadget that can be programmed for several finger print users, comes with two back keys and can be accessed with a pass code.

Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock

You could have been a victim of bicycle theft from your own house or elsewhere. Now there is an all new alarm padlock made from high grade cast steel and shackle. The alarm sets off immediately on tempering with the lock and sounds in two tones for ten seconds. After ten seconds the lock re-arms itself.

I- Grill

I- Grill is a dual sensor meat thermometer that is available on amazon.com for $79.95. This I-Grill is much better than some of the versions already existing in the market because it has many features that are not there in the existing models.

I-Grill sounds an alarm when the meat is ready through an application that is available on the android store so you don’t need to hover around the grill.

Back Pack Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are a necessary household gadget but they have never been cooler than now. There is all new back pack vacuum cleaner that has a light weight container that you can hold on your back along with a good machine that sucks up all the dust particles from your house.

Connected TV

Entertainment is central to you and that includes watching TV, surfing internet, browsing social-networking sites and much more. With the new connected TV you can browse the web, download from the internet and even streamline content from your smart phone or tablet.

I-Pad Mount

With the Belkin I-Pad Cabinet mount you can use your favorite I-pad where ever you want; in the kitchen without the fear of dust or counter clutter or while cleaning your house. The mount can be adjusted to fit any cabinet or shelf without the use of any tools.

Do you have any of these cool gadgets for your home?

Author: Edwin

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