Making the Best Choice for Garden Fencing

Garden fencing can’t be very complicated, right?  Well, it isn’t as long as you make the right choices.  First of all you need to know your purpose for installing garden fencing.  Maybe you want to add to the beauty of your garden by bordering it with appropriate aesthetic fencing.  Maybe, you just want to keep the rabbits from getting in at your carrots.  Perhaps, you need to keep the dog inside the boundaries.

You will make your choice of garden fencing depending on your needs.

For example simple wire garden fencing can be installed with a few stakes driven into the ground and a roll of wire strung out between them.  This is probably the easiest garden fencing design to install.  It doesn’t look pretty and it’s not secure against large animals or people, but it will keep those rabbits out of your carrot patch.

Maybe you want to install low maintenance garden fencing.  In such a case, you might choose plastic garden fencing, more often referred to as vinyl garden fencing.  By choosing this type of fencing, you remove the need for maintenance after the installation.  Since the fencing is all plastic, you don’t need to ever paint it or replace it until it falls apart, maybe twenty or twenty-five years down the road.

You can even get vinyl fence posts for your garden fencing.  If installed properly, the vinyl or plastic garden fencing can be just as stable as traditional wooden fencing.  It will keep creatures great and small out of your garden, or in your garden if it’s the dog, and is even more durable than standard fencing.

Metal garden fencing is generally the most decorative fencing option.  You can get this type of fencing prefabricated in panels.  Often you can get fairly ornate designs with Victorian flair that appeal to lovers of old-fashioned rod-iron fences.  This type of fencing is very attractive around the borders of landscaped gardens.  While it delineates boundaries and will keep out small vermin, maybe not rabbits, it is not recommended for protection against pests or as a primary source of security.

There are many different types, styles, and materials when it comes to garden fencing and there is a wealth of garden fencing ideas online and available from professional installers.

So check out your options for garden fencing with our sponsors on this page and decide what you want depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Author: Edwin

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