The Best Drafting Chairs For Your Needs

Leap Chair Ergonomic drafting chair

If you are an architect or an Information technologist by profession who spends most of your time in front of the table or in server rooms, then it is very important for you to have the best and most comfortable drafting chair to work on.

Drafting chairs come in many colors and designs that you can choose from.  Each design serves a different purpose so it’s sure that you will not run out of choices.

I will run through some pointers and what to look for as well as concluding on what I think the top 3 best drafting chairs are.

When choosing a functional and comfortable drafting chair, make sure that the seat height can be easily adjusted.

Sometimes you want to be higher from the ground because maybe you’re using a different working table.  Not only is it important to have a drafting chair that can easily be adjusted in terms of height but the back and arm rests should also be adjusted with ease.

Since most people work for long hours seated on the drafting chair, there should be sufficient lumbar support offered.  The back support should also be able to be adjusted since catering to different seating positions during the day.

You also would not want your feet just dangling over the floor, so a comfortable foot rest would be very beneficial to your comfort. Some people do not want their feet just flat on the floor so again, a footrest on the drafting chair would really be important.

Other features of a drafting chair is the seat swivel where it can turn 360 degrees. Another add-on feature of a great drafting chair is the sanitary factor where the covering is anti-microbial and bacteria resistant.

Before getting a drafting chair of your choice, make sure that the chair has gone through the necessary inspection and has met or better yet exceeded the standards of the ANSI/BIMFA. You can find this out by checking the packaging or underneath the chair most of the time.

My overall top 3 best drafting chairs would definitely have to be:

1. Leap Chair – This is the one I own and got it for cheap second hand. I really believe that this is one of the best ergonomic drafting chairs out there and one of the best adjustable drafting chairs available. They are now up to their second generation, with a mid sized back. Very comfortable and worth the price in every way.

2. Aeron Air Chair – A popular mesh chair that has the looks as well. Some people have complained that the lack of the new posture-fit (another $100) hurts their lower back a bit.

3. Life Chair – I know a few other people that own this chair and love it. This one has a mix between a cushioned seat and a mesh back. Definitely worth a look if you can get one near you.


Author: Edwin

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