Best Fireplace Design –Top Three Fireplace Designs

In the house’s living room, we tend to notice that it is the fireplace which stands out to be the centerpiece. A fireplace consists of a firebox, hearth and fireplace opening. A firebox is the area where the fire is burned, while the hearth is the area outside the firebox. Lastly, the fireplace opening surrounds it all and is the most noticeable component among the three.

fireplace designA fireplace is an important part of the house. Its major task is to add warmth inside the room. It is a nice feeling to have one but finding the perfect fireplace is a tough thing to do. So you need to design your own fireplace in order to feel the ambiance it usually causes.

Prior to beginning the process of either making or redesigning a fireplace, questions like “should I go for modern or contemporary?” arise. But then, there is no exact or perfect answer for every situation. There are other people who also want an outdoor fireplace design; that is only for rare cases. In all fireplace designs, all you have to consider are the following fireplace design ideas:

Stone Fireplace Design

Adding a cobblestone face will provide a flat brick fireplace design. To enable a rustic yet elegant look, cover it with a traditional arched door.

Contemporary Fireplace Designs

A European face can yield the best result if combined with a nice contemporary room.

Modern Fireplace Design

Use art decors with tiles matching the room’s furniture. This is a total match for modern fireplace designs.

You can choose from any of these designs. The key factors here are the theme and cost of the fireplace design. Since a fireplace acts as a centerpiece in the living room, it should match with the room’s ambiance. The total effect of the room should not be ruined by a mixed-matched fireplace design.

In terms of cost, it is a wise idea to buy the necessary equipment needed in making the fireplace and pay a professional to design your fireplace.

In many cases, you can still budget the cost of your fireplace. There are a lot more ideas for fireplace designs. You do not need an art major or a profession home decorator to set up the fireplace and make the best fireplace design for you. Have a good look around and you will be sure to find something that will suit your needs.

Author: Edwin

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