The Best Fireplace Designs

The fireplace acts as the major element for making the entire room, specifically, the living room warm. It provides joy to every family member because this is a place for family gatherings. Hence, it can sustain heat and light and add view to the place. For some, fireplace designs have been their primary concern. And the problem arises here. No one has acquired a perfect idea of what their fireplace will look like, should it be modern or contemporary?

fireplace designsFirst, let’s take the time to know the parts of a fireplace. These three parts are the following: the firebox, hearth, and the fireplace opening. Inside the firebox is small compartment which is known as a mantel. Common mantel fireplace design uses wood, marble and stones as the material for its walls.

Here are some fireplace design ideas that will inform you about distinct styles that should give you more options to choose from.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

The fireplace is not only an indoor accessory. Outdoor fireplace ideas are another type of fireplace according to location. The typical materials used to design an outdoor fireplace are ceramic and granite tiles. Moreover, bricks are also included in the list of utilized materials. The advantage of an outdoor fireplace is that you are not limited to a four-walled room. You can fully decide the size of your fireplace hearth or a large wood burning stove. It is also away from any flammable hazards.

Stone Fireplace Design

A stone fireplace design is very easy to identify. By looking at the cobblestones alone, you should be able to tell what the design is. Plus, the traditional arched door gives a lot of emphasis to this particular design.

Corner Fireplace Design

A corner fireplace design adds to the room’s ambiance and serves as the focus to base the overall appearance of the room. These fireplace designs are very common since it is easy to install and do not require major house renovations. Furthermore, they are sold at cheap and economical prices. Its price is less than the price of a traditional mantle fireplace but it can easily satisfy the user and add to the ambience of a living space.

Custom Fireplace Designs

If you are not still satisfied with the previously mentioned fireplace design ideas, then, you can personalize your fireplace. Be sure to do some research because there are fire regulations and building codes to follow in order to avoid the danger it may cause if not properly installed. Another alternative is to get a professional to do the job for you. You can be assured of the quality and your safety this way.

A fireplace is a great way to get people together and can add a great ambience to your space. Be sure to check out the many designs available out there. There will always be one out there to suit your space.

Author: Edwin

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