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The garden office is gaining huge popularity worldwide as an alternative means to the traditional office space.  These small, often temporary, buildings are becoming increasingly popular among the self-employed and are even beginning to catch on with corporate operations.

They are exactly what the name garden office implies.  They are small buildings, usually the size of a single office space design, primarily constructed to be set in garden environments.  They began as an idea for the home office seeker who wanted extra space to work from home, but did not necessarily want the cost and bother of building an office addition.

The popularity of garden offices has brought many variations of garden office buildings to the pre-fab industry.  You can get a prefabricated traditional garden shack outfitted as a garden office building, up to the much more modern and contemporary style of an office pod for your home office garden.

All sorts of materials are available for construction of garden offices from metal or aluminum to recycled plastics and, of course, the traditional wooden garden office.

A garden office can be built simply as a space for you to get your work accomplished or as an accent or feature to a beautiful garden setting.  It is reported that some large corporate concerns have been undertaking the possibility of turning the outside campuses of their office buildings into small villages of garden offices.

In truth, these buildings can be constructed almost anywhere.  Mostly, garden offices are considered three to six month spaces, but you can turn them into a year round private office space depending on the nature of their construction.  The biggest concern of adapting a garden office into a four-season space would be its insulation.

Many of these buildings have the facilities for electrical hookup, so an electric heat source could be used with some modification of the structure.  If you prefer, you can simply build your own office garden and customize it for seasonal use and get the look and feel exactly as you want.

Many people who have begun to work from a garden office say that there is little that can match it for unleashing creativity and freedom in a working environment, whether it be a cad drafting job or a data entry job.  It will no doubt take some time until someone comes up with a study to see how switching to a garden office effects productivity, but it is easy to see how garden offices have quickly become a viable alternative to the traditional office space.

Author: Edwin

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