The Best Little Tikes Country Cottage Playhouse

Playhouses have existed long before toy designers ever thought of creating out of plastics. Parents used to make playhouses made out of wood or anything that is available to them. Toddlers then find the joy of playing with their own style of the playhouse that has been present long before the first plastic playhouse was unleashed.

But because of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, parents no longer have enough time to build one from scratch. This is why plastic playhouses have made their way to an escalating number of homes. The latest one from the Little Tikes Company endows a feel of country living through their creation of the Little Tikes Country Cottage Playhouse model design.

This exquisite playhouse is effortless with regards to constructing it that it will just take a few minutes to completion. It needs nominal handling and tools like the screwdriver and a hammer. The playhouse goes a long way in progressing a child’s imagination with numerous features and build-in toys that come in set. Girls and boys alike will surely enjoy playing with the pretend sink with swivel faucet.

Furthermore, the push button pay phone assists your toddler enhance her hand and finger movements. The stovetop also comes with click knobs to succor toddler to get the feel of actual cooking. They will truly enjoy pretending to live in the country with these great built-in qualities made to trigger your child’s imagination.

Furthermore, the playhouse is also made as a tiny house with a door and some windows that is not hard to operate by the kids. It is also apt for outdoor play since toddlers could have a garden in front of it. For indoors, the playhouse is recommended to place in areas with a sufficient space. Inside the playhouse, you could even place two diminutive chairs and a maximum of three children could fit inside.

The Little Tikes country cottage has provides different basic colors for more neutral picking. They have the pink which is ensnaring for little girls and green to captivate the eyes of the little boys. It is ideal for toddlers with ages two up to six years old. Additionally, the playhouse is designed to be resistant to the sun; therefore, there is no need to worry about the color fading. This playhouse is absolutely perfect for parents with more a kid as its firm design is made to outlast your first child’s toddler years.  This will visibly be one of your best buys for your children.

Indeed, procuring a playhouse can be one of the best things you can give to your child. Not only does it serve to be enjoyed by kids, they can also mitigate your kids by letting them learn to manage their motor skills. So don’t have second thoughts on what to give to your kid, the Little Tikes country cottage playhouse can truly be an excellent choice. The Little Tikes Cube Slide is another favorite LIttle Tikes toy.

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