The Best Modern Home Decorating Ideas

Finding the best modern home decorating ideas can sometimes feel hard. You can implement a few tricks to really get a chic look in your space. The simplicity of the palette should save you money but can still use quality materials like a teak wood.

Warm up your color palette. True modern decor uses a ton of white. While this is a very easy way to decorate because you already have a lot of bright pieces in your room it can feel a little bit cold. Instead, just go for a more subtle taupe. Reduce the contrast even further by choosing a dark chocolate brown for your wood pieces instead of traditional black. The lines of the furniture can still be the same but just changing up the tone is really going to give you a more traditional feeling.

Bring in neutral accessories that are interesting. This could be a glass table lamp, black picture frames, or white rocking chairs. Traditionally glass table lamps look like cut crystal vases. You’ll want to go with a more simplistic design style. This can just be a straight lamp with small glass ball accents. The entire pedestal can even feature this.

Bring in soothing colors. These are great choices for your bedding. You’ll want to find soft taupes, grays, and blue. This can just be on one piece in your room. Usually the modern style focuses more on a pop of color. Instead, make it a lot more subtle. This can also blend well with any granite or ceramic tile that you might have in your space. This also creates a much more soothing effect in your room.

Area rugs should have subtle pattern on them. Usually this will be slight swirl motifs. This could even be an abstract take on a wave for more of a contemporary beach effect. It could just have a subtle blue line with a more neutral background or doesn’t even need to have blue in it at all.

Author: Edwin

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