Cheap Printed Pens

Printing pens for advertising have been around for many decades, because they work. No promotional gimmick could stay around as long as printed pens if they didn’t work. Print your name or your business name, along with contact information, on the side of a pen and you have one of the essential tools of advertising.

It’s true, and you can get relatively cheap printed pens and pencils to hand out as promotional gifts. They cost so little that you give them to everyone. One of the ways they work is to get them out absolutely everywhere. The more people who have your printed pens, the more people will see your advertisement.

Cheap printed pens are a great investment. Let’s say that you are a car salesman. How many printed pens can you buy for the cost of a commission on a single sale? The answer is probably thousands, very likely tens of thousands. So, if you buy promotional printed pens, where is your break-even point? In a single sale you have probably earned way more than the custom printed pens cost you. That makes them a great advertising promotion.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, you can benefit from printed pens and no matter how much you earn, you can afford them. Just think of all the custom printed pens you have seen through the years. I know that you have used a few over the years and you have gotten them from people with whom you did business.

Printed pens should be given out to current customers as well as potential customers. Giving a gift, even a small one like a printed pen, shows your gratitude to your customers. When your customers go home with a printed pen, they help to advertise your business for nothing more than the cost of the pen.

By having that pen in their home for their relatives, friends, and neighbors to see, they are endorsing you and your business. There is a chance that someone may take your name off that pen and contact you with a business opportunity. Sure, it probably doesn’t happen a lot of the time, but it does happen. It happens often enough to make those printed pens cost-effective.

So, next time you want to do some advertising and you don’t have a lot to spend, consider using printed pens to get the word out.

Author: Edwin

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