Chicken and Steak On Gas Grills

When you are working with barbecue, there are a lot of things to make heads or tails decisions about, as reading the propane grill reviews will tell you.

Do you go with the gas grills or the charcoal grills? Do you buy the gas grills on sale or do you buy them online to get the best deal? Do you even need to buy a charcoal grill design at first or will the one in the park do? Do you cook chicken or beef or something else?

Here’s something to keep in mind when it comes to which meat do you cook: a hamburger should be cooked all the way through, but no one cries too much if one hamburger gets lost to the gods of “I screwed up my barbecue”. With the price of one hamburger patty, it’s often better to just throw it out if it looks wrong.

Chicken is a little more expensive and ends up with people wanting to not lose any of it to messing up, making the wrong stuff, or things like that. They’re perfectly willing to eat chicken that is a little burned over the top because they don’t want to lose the expensive food they bought.

You’ll probably want to purchase, at least the first time, more chicken than you plan on eating, and use the first couple pieces as test runs so you can learn how to cook things correctly. You don’t want any of the raw bits on the inside. Practice makes perfect, and practicing barbecuing chicken is a good idea.

Steak is much easier to cook correctly. The reason that chicken needs to be cooked thoroughly is because of the things that contaminate it.

Things that contaminate chicken get all through the chicken, as opposed to beef which, if you cook the outside, the parts that have been in contact with air, the center is fine.

That’s why you can eat beef at rare, medium rare and other things. Practice with them, but the practice is more to get the hang of it, not to learn how to not kill your neighbors with chicken poisoning.

Author: Edwin

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