Advantages of Clear Business Cards

Clear business cards are one of the latest trends in advertising.  Made of plastic, they are very durable and offer surprisingly high exposure.  Because of the durability of clear business cards, it is claimed that they have a much higher retention value than standard paper business cards.

These translucent business cards as well as double sided business cards have gained popularity at trade shows and conventions.  Although they are nearly transparent business cards, your logo and advertising message is surprising clear and clean.  The fact that you can nearly see through them seems to make them a great curiosity.

Perhaps, once we have become more familiar with clear business cards, their popularity will diminish and then we will have to consider the sense of handing out clear plastic business cards that can almost be seen clean through and through.

Until then, plastic business cards have become a viable alternative for someone who wants something just a little bit different in the form of advertising for their business.  When adding the longevity of the clear business cards together with their appeal, you have something that can win pretty big in an otherwise small market.

Some simple studies have revealed that the growth in retention value of these clear business cards, when compared to the retention value of paper business cards, is dramatic.  People reportedly will hang onto a clear plastic business card much longer than they will a white paper business card.

When you spend money on any kind of advertising, and business cards are an advertising expense, you want the biggest bang for your buck.  Clearly, as far as retention value is concerned, clear business cards are the biggest bang you can choose from this medium.

Experts say that people are far less likely to throw these cards away than they are standard paper business cards.  One of the reasons may be that they feel they are getting something of some value for free.  Clear business cards have a little weight in them when they are in your pocket, says one industry expert, that reminds you they are there.

When you feel the card in your pocket, it’s different than a regular card or a slip of paper and you are more likely to pull it out and investigate it.

One of the dreaded drawbacks of traditional business cards is the fact that people jot notes on the back of them and later toss them away.  You can’t write notes on new clear business cards.

Author: Edwin

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