Curtains are a Living Room’s Shirt

If you want to spice up your living room, you can try getting a curtain rod and hanging different curtains on it for the different seasons and holidays.  A light, airy, mostly transparent curtain for summer, a warm, velvet curtain for winter, a different curtain for Christmas season, etc, can be a great way to add a different look to your living room any time you want to change up your look.

With a wooden curtain rod, you can often pick up the curtain rod off the hooks, slide the curtain on, and put the curtain back up any time you feel like changing curtains.

Another thing about putting different curtains up is it can change the look of the entire room.  A room can go from looking like a cute old grandma lives there to looking like a businessman lives there simply by exchanging light, short gingham curtains with darker, warmer damask curtains that go all the way to the floor.  Think of curtains as your room’s shirt.  A different shirt can go a long way to changing your look for the day, and a curtain is the same way, except that it applies to a whole room.

If you don’t want to change curtains every few weeks, try finding long, floor length curtain designs that are a neutral color that matches either the ceiling or the floor of your living room.

Short curtains go in and out of style very quickly, while long curtains generally stay quietly in the background, putting your guest’s attention elsewhere in the room. What you make your curtain rods out of can make a bit of a difference as well.  Lovely red velvet curtains with a cheap, flat, white metal rod don’t look quite as good as those same lovely red velvet curtains with a round, black brushed metal curtain rod.

Author: Edwin

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