Elements of Determining Double Glazing Cost

The energy savings that you will realize by having more energy efficient windows in your home can offset your double glazing cost.  The average double glazing cost can run anywhere from about $250 per window to $450 per window, depending on many variables.

The most important variable when considering double glazing cost is, of course, the size of your windows.  When measuring windows for replacement, a standard used in the U.S. industry is called united inches.  This measurement is a combination of the height and width of you windows.  If you have an opening that is sixty-two inches high and thirty inches wide, the united inches equal ninety-two.

In general, double glazing costs are based upon a standard of ninety-four united inches.  The double glazing cost for any opening up to ninety-four united inches will be the same for a particular product, while anything above ninety-four inches will cost extra.  These double glazed window prices are fairly standard for all double hung style windows.  

The difficulty in determining double glazing prices comes when you consider all of the different sorts of window styles.  You can choose from double hung, sliders, bay windows, bow windows, hopper windows, casements and others.  Each differing style has its own set of double glazing prices.

Therefore, when asking the question, “How much does double glazing cost?” one must first consider what style of UPVC double glazing you are choosing.  Unfortunately, when it comes to styles such as casement, sliders, bays, or bow windows, there really is no industry standard, except for the fact that they will all cost quite a bit more than double hung double glazed windows.

Add to this the fact that you can choose different insulation options for your windows, such as argon gas, tinting, or low “e” glass, and you can see the complications of trying to determine double glazing cost without the benefit of a price list.

Another part of the equation left for us to consider when determining double glazing cost is labor and materials.  When you look at a manufacturer’s price list, you will most likely not see any charges for labor and materials.  These charges come from the contractor hired to install your double glazed windows.

The cost of installation can very widely from about $100 per window to $400 or $500 for bay and bow windows.  Installation costs are based upon the size of the window and the construction material of the home.  Installation is a primary element when determining double glazing cost.

Author: Edwin

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