Diamond Drill Bits – Ultimate Buying Guide

When buying drill bits, you’ll want to look in the drill bit category that will suit your needs the most.

Diamond drill bits or diamond hole saws can drill a lot of hard, organic materials, ranging from glass and ceramics to stone and rock. They are generally used for tiles, but are not suitable for metals, wood, plastic, or plaster.

If you are looking to buy diamond core drill bits, you’ll also need to keep in mind that you’ll always need to use water when drilling. Remember this when buying your diamond drill bits.

diamond drill press and bitsphoto credit: L. Marie

Let’s knuckle down the kinds of diamond drill bits you can get. In terms of size, the diamond drill bits you can get can range from diameters of 6mm to 1200mm (0.24” to 48”) and higher.

You can’t really know how big these things are without going into a hardware store and looking at them up close. You will need to know what you’re drilling and how large a hole you want to drill. Additionally, you’ll need a drill that can fit the drill bit.

But choosing the right diamond drill bits for granite or even the right diamond drill bits for rock won’t be simple. You’ll need to know a variety of things about the drilling process.

Firstly, you need to know what material you will be drilling. Harder materials need softer bonded drill bits. For maximum effectiveness, you will also need some extra equipment along with your diamond drill bits. You may need a water swivel adapter as a coolant for your drilling process.

Depending on the application, you may need a hybrid bond diamond drill, a metal bond diamond drill or a nickel bond diamond drill.

An electroplated or nickel bonded diamond drill is easier to use, but will not survive as long as a sintered or metal bonded diamond drill which are more advanced. If you deem it necessary, you can request a custom diamond drill to satisfy more demanding and personally challenging needs.

If you need to obtain a core while drilling, rather than just drill a hole in the material, you need to have a hollow diamond core drill, which is used for drilling larger size holes. Diamond solid drills, however, are used for drilling much smaller holes and cannot obtain a core.

There are even more varieties of diamond drills and diamond drill bits for them, but those are the main ones you should be worried about. If you can’t find the right one, you can always ask a manufacturer or hardware store about what you need specifically, and they can either refer you to a suitable one, or make you a custom diamond drill bit.

Author: Edwin

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