Doorless Walk-in Showers – The Value of Having One

Over the years, doorless walk in showers have increased in popularity amongst a majority of modern homeowners. This has mainly been precipitated by the fast paced society which millions of people worldwide lead today. Due to the pressures from work, school and family fewer people have the luxury of sopping in bathtubs for hours.

There are numerous advantages that homeowners stand to gain by having walk through shower designs fixed in their residence. But, some of the benefits that have made the shower design a hit amongst a majority of homeowners is the tinge of luxury and value it add in general.

It is important for every individual to create a place in their home where at the end of the day they can unwind. In addition, they need a bathroom that can offer them quick access while at the same time giving extra comfort. Times have changed and no one hardly has the time to waste in the bathroom and it is because of this, walk through showers and doorless showers have gotten a lot more popular.

What most folks want is a shower that they can slip in and out of within the shortest period whilst still enjoying the bath session. Other than functionality, doorless shower designs and doorless walk in showers are not only appealing but also include a tinge of artistry and value to the home. Installation is not that difficult as some tend to think. With a proper small bathroom remodel plan you should be able to have something that best suits your individual needs.

So why should one fix a doorless shower design in place of a bathtub? The following are some of the benefits that one stands to gain by installing a doorless bathroom design:

First and foremost, doorless shower design provides homeowners with the much needed additional space. In reality, doorless shower designs take up half the space previously occupied by bathtubs. In addition, given that the design does not make use of a door, there is no need to include additional space for swinging the door open. This in turn makes movement and cleaning much simpler. Extras such as, cabinets, corner sinks and hidden-tank toilets can be added.

Secondly, a doorless shower design simplifies access especially for persons who have mobility issues, e.g. the elderly and sick. Wheel chairs can easily be rolled in and out of the bathroom with ease. Furthermore, the grab bars and bench therein offers autonomy which the elderly and sick desire so much. The grab bars are used to offer support while showering while the bench is used by persons who cannot stand on their own.

Last but not least, showering is hustle free. You do not have to fill the shower first before bathing as was the case with bathtubs.

Author: Edwin

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