What to do About Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazing repairs can be simple or problematic, depending on the nature of the mend.  DIY double glazing repairs like replacing locks or hinges are generally pretty straight forward and can be accomplished on your own.  When it comes to double glazing repairs that involve entire glass units and things like balancers, you’re probably better off leaving it up to the professionals.

If your windows are no longer under warranty and you need double glazing repair, the first place to start inquiring is with the company who installed your windows.  This is always the best choice for double glazing repairs because they are familiar with the brand of window and have access to all replacement parts.

In the event that you purchased your home with double glazing already installed, things are going to get a bit trickier.  You will have to find someone with experience in double glazing repair to take a look at your project.  Determining the manufacturer and the age of your window can be a difficult task since there are really no requirements that this information be listed somewhere on the unit itself.

There are contractors who specialize in repairing double glazed windows and they often have access to some generic replacement parts that are on the market for use in repairing windows.  Often, however, homeowners find that their living room or bathroom windows are older than they thought, perhaps the model is no longer made, or no one can find parts readily available.

In such instances, you will have to consider choosing a double glazing replacement.  There are many qualified installers available who will do a good job replacing your windows with double glazing cost being very reasonable. Because of this, it is always a good idea to get a number of estimates on your project when it grows from double glazing repairs to double glazing replacement.

Also, you will need to consider the condition of all of your windows.  If you have a number of windows that are broken and in need of repair, you might be better off replacing them all with new double glazing.  If you only have one or two windows that are broken, you might want to replace the rest of the windows in a room or on a certain bank of the wall, so that their appearance is still uniform.

Just keep in mind that if one or a few windows are in need of double glazing repairs, it might not be much longer until they all need to be fixed.

Author: Edwin

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