Double Sided Business Cards: Twice the Exposure for Less Than Twice the Price

One of the best tactics for advertising your business is to use double sided business cards.  Double sided business cards give you twice as much exposure without costing you twice the price.

Business cards are a very basic commodity for advertising and whether you use cheap double sided business cards or more expensive double sided business cards, you should always be sure to print each side.  The reasons for using a double sided business card instead of a standard, one sided business card should be fairly apparent.

With double sided business cards, you get twice as much exposure, but it only costs you a little more per card to print on the second side.  Generally, the price of a double sided business card is somewhere around twenty-five percent higher than that of a standard one sided business card.

That is a very cost effective jump.  You might think that adding the extra side would cost you four times this much, but the paper is already there and, since paper is a big aspect of the overall cost in printing, you actually save by having the second side printed as well.

Another advantage to using double sided business cards is that you totally remove the risk of having your little ad go unseen.  Often business cards turn up with their blank side exposed.  This isn’t something that people really do on purpose, but if you look around your house, you will probably find that at least thirty-three to fifty percent of the business cards you keep on hand have been turned wrong side up. You can also look into other offerings such as clear business cards to achieve this too.

Having the blank side of your business card exposed doesn’t do you any good whatsoever.  People are just bound to ignore it and you didn’t pay for that little advertising space just to have people ignore it.  Business cards are a legitimate advertising venture and you want all your advertising ventures to be as successful as possible.  So, why not spend the little extra to print both sides of the card and guarantee that yours never go blank side up.

One of the drawbacks to business cards is that people often throw them away.  Most people, however, do not throw away business cards until they have used one side as a little scratch pad.  After they have remember to do whatever thing it was they jotted down on your card, they throw it away like scratching an item off a list.

Using double sided business cards remove the blank space some people use for notes.

Author: Edwin

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