Finding a Drafting Stool Designed for Comfort

If you are trying to find a drafting stool to suit your needs, the number one need you should consider is comfort.

The drafting stool chair was first developed to meet the particular needs of draftsmen.  A specific drafting stool has many advantages over a standard drafting chair.

Draftsmen often worked long hours stooped over blue prints and large sized documents.  Because of this the drafting stool was designed to move easily, so the draftsmen could shift around with without difficulty and be comfortable for long hours at a time.

In this day and age drafting stools are used as the common seat for many people in office settings and people that work in different cad drafting jobs.  Although most of them are not draftsmen, they do work long hours and have the need to move easily.

Comfort, accommodation, and ease of movement should be the main considerations when choosing a drafting stool.  Adjustable drafting stools meet these requirements ideally, as they can be fine-tuned to accommodate the personal needs of the sitter.

An ergonomic drafting stool is another example of a seat that complies with the necessities of comfort and movement.

All drafting stools should have wheels for ease of motion.  Most have a bar or band near the wheels at the bottom of the chair.  This bar is used to solidly support the sitter’s feet should he or she have to stretch forward to reach across their desk.  It is also important to check the sizes and proportions of a drafting chair to be sure it is suitable for your body.

A drafting chair should have a rigid, solid frame, as it will take plenty of abuse during the time that you will be sitting, stretching, and riding in it.  The seat and back should be comfortable, but supportive so you don’t go home at night with a backache or headache.  The chair should roll easily, without too much effort.

There isn’t too much to be said for the style or fashion sense of a drafting stool.  A drafting stool is a drafting stool; they don’t really come in plaids or zebra stripes, nothing flashy or trendy.  The basic color varies between gray and black.  As a statement of style, a drafting stool loses out to functionality.

Beyond comfort and functionality, your next concern should be price.  It doesn’t pay to buy cheap drafting stools.  While it is always a good idea to look for a deal, you should temper your desire for savings with the knowledge that when you shop for a good drafting stool, you generally get what you pay for.

Author: Edwin

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