Flat Roof Construction, Easy Way to Save Your Roof

It is a crying need for people to save his sweet home from any kind of problem. Damage of house roof is a common tension for all of house owners. They take many precautions to make the roof safe.

The best way to do that is to make flat roof construction. If you make a normal roof and if it contains a bend, in word it collects water during rain. This water makes damage to your roof with fungus attack.

The roof is flat but it has a slope of about 10 degrees with ground. Inclined position helps the drainage system of the roof to make it long lasting. You can make your own style throughcad drafting jobs in your computer.

Mainly joists make the flat roof. You can span two walls or wall plate and wall. Sheet timber or other material covers the topping of your roof.

However, to make it water resistant a cover is necessary on the roof. The water resisting flat roof constructing systems known as built up roofing, membrane roofing, and spray foam roofing. All of these mainly use PVC or rubber to construct. The protective layer should be 30mm to 60 mm thick. Noggins take their place every 2 meters of the spans. It assures the constant gap between the joists.

To make the roof firm, a layer of cement with a constant thickness is necessary under the roof. Firings are present there to carry the load of the roof and to take necessary actions further for warm roofs or other purposes. Firings are one kind of shape with a triangular look, which has a sharp end, starting from the middle of the joist and have the base at the last of it.

The roof is now ready to fit with the decking board to finish up the project.

Author: Edwin

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