Foil Business Cards: The Best First Impression

Foil business cards add a touch of class and elegance to the first impression of your business.  After all, first impressions are what business cards are all about.  A person who comes across one of your business cards may not be at all familiar with you or with what it is you do.  Because of this, a business card is often the first impression we get in our mind about someone’s enterprise.

If your cards are plain white paper, cheaply made and printed on one side, the first impression someone might get is that you are frugal or cheap.  That might work okay if you’re an accountant or a scrap dealer, but what if you are an attorney or a funeral home director?  Generally, we want our business cards to represent the best part of our business, that we are successful and dynamic.

A foil business card adds the feeling of success and legitimacy to a person’s first impression of your business.  Gold foil business cards or silver foil business cards are among the most popular choices.  Foil business cards are embossed as well.  Adding texture to a business card, as you do when it is embossed, makes it feel more weighty, better than just plain paper.  This textured feel is reflected in the person’s subconscious as an impression of your business being important, better than just the regular business.

In this subconscious manner, the use of foil business cards gives the potential client the impression that they can be successful too, by choosing to do business with you.  Research shows that a foil business card may have up to double the retention value of a standard white paper business card.

The foil card comes across as something of value, much more worth hanging onto than the standard paper card.  For this reason, money spent on the production and purchase of foil business cards may be much more cost effective than the same amount of money spent on standard paper cards.

The foil business card is a matter of perception, as is all advertising.  A potential customer probably isn’t even aware that they are weighing their impression of your business based upon the card they are holding, because it is such a basic psychological response.

So, what you need to ask yourself is exactly how you want your business to be perceived.  If you want to stand out a little above the rest, you might want to go with foil business cards as an advertising choice.

Author: Edwin

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