The Future of Design

future of design

Design has had many different periods of change. Bauhaus in 1919 to 1933 helped usher in a new ‘modern’ approach at the time. With 2012 being the new year it is and with technology rapidly changing, it’s time to take a look at what t he future could hold in the world of design.

1. More realistic animation


Animation has gotten pretty cool recently, with the advent of larger server banks, more processing power in computers and of course, HD and 3D. Movies are getting more and more awesome and the animation is getting a lot crazier.

There will be more and more studios jumping onto the bandwagon as animation is now within the grasp of more people with better computers and processing power for a lower cost.

With processors, graphics cards and ram getting better and better, animation times will be cut down to real time. Dreamworks is already in production of a system that will allow them to render in real time.

2. The boundary between technician and designer will come closer

Designer and technician

With technology becoming so much cheaper and software doing so much more, the bridge between the technician and the designer will come even closer.

A designer can easily get the same tools as a technician and with so many free tutorials available online, self-taught technicians can easily crop up nowadays. Where once you had to hire a programmer to switch over a website, you can now easily get your server company to do it, or read up a tutorial online and do it yourself.

This works both ways. A technician will be able to learn design skills as software makes things a lot easier to design. On the other hand, designers can easily get tutorials for more technical aspects of the job. We now see designers design using a lot of CAD software and with a lot more digital products, such as styluses and tablets.

3. Cheaper manufacturing costs

Engraving machine cnc

Newer manufacturing methods, such as laser cutting and water jet cutting cnc machines pave the way forward for producing products that are cleaner and at a much faster rate than before. As technology becomes better, we will see more outrageous design that pushes the envelope more and more.

As hardware gets cheaper and the specs keep getting higher, manufacturing costs will go down. Of course, this may be offset by more complex designs. Only time will tell.

4. Environmentally friendlier products

Energy efficient Energy Star logo

The last decade was huge in terms of worldwide population growth. With that comes a lot more resource usage. From that comes waste and disposal.

I believe that more and more people will adapt more environmentally friendlier products. Products such as energy efficient light bulbs and computer power supplies save on energy and cost to the consumer. If we can follow suit and get a cost cut to the consumer, while gunning for an environmentally friendlier product,  then everyone wins.

5. New Age design – Post 2000

Future Design

Post 2000 has seen some awesome products already, with portable music, tablets, gps and many more products becoming mainstream. It’s only been a decade in and we have already seen a massive amount of new technologies and products.

Post 2000 new age design will have a massive focus on computer technology, more energy efficiency and more creative design as computing, manufacturing and materials become a lot better and more diverse. I’m excited!

Author: Edwin

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