Google Home – No 3.5mm Jack?

Google Home - No 3.5mm Audio jack

With Google’s big unveil of Google Home on October 4, one thing that was lacking was a 3.5mm audio out jack. This is very similar to what happened with Amazon’s Echo which came out without a 3.5mm audio out jack (there still isn’t one for it). Both the original Echo and Google’s new Google Home device have their own speakers, so not having that 3.5mm out jack isn’t a huge deal breaker, just a really, really, really nice to have – especially considering how most people would have this set up in a heavy traffic area like the lounge where there may be a soundbar or speakers already.

For the time being, you’re going to have to get a Chromecast Audio to beam your commands via. WiFi from Google Home to your beloved speakers. Who knows – maybe in future we’ll get something similar to the Amazon Dot – an awesome device that has 3.5 mm audio out, recognizes commands and comes in at a super cheap price (currently $50) on Here’s hoping!

Author: Edwin

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