Gorila Fitness New C303 Power Rack

gorila power cage c303

Gorila fitness based out of Quebec has recently released a new Canadian made power rack. There aren’t many options in Canada for Canadian made power racks available to regular consumers. The rack itself is very similar to the Rogue Monster Lite range with 3×3 inch uprights and 11 gauge steel.

With a 43 inch wide interior, the 3×3 inch uprights does make for reracking your olympic bar a little harder (minus 1 inch each side) compared to a lot of the 2×3 set-ups out there from Rogue, XTC Fitness, Northern Lights Crossbox that you can get – but still would do the job well.

Price wise after dropping this into the cart and getting custom color delivered to downtown Toronto for example would set you back approximately $1300 including tax and delivery (only $100 shipping, or you can pick up from their warehouse in Chambly, Quebec City). As of Nov 2015 there were no shipping options to the US, but with the US you have a lot more options for solid power racks, like Rogue (avail in Canada too), Sorinex, EliteFTS and many others.

The design does look solid and as mentioned looks like the RML series from Rogue. Also like Northern Lights Crossbox there is Westside hole spacing (1 inch center to center) through the bench area which would allow one to make finer safety spotter adjustments through the bench press region.

From the pics it looks like the big difference is in the feet. The feet plates seem to be centered at the bottom of the uprights. Not a huge deal, but not as nice as the Northern Lights Crossbox, XTC or Rogue Fitness set-up of having the plates face outwards, fire and aft only, so you don’t have any potential to hit or trip over the mounting plates while inside the cage.

With Gorila, its great to see another Canadian company make the foray into providing quality racks made in Canada for commercial/ personal use. Maybe in future we will see other options as the competition ramps up their game too. Also the way you can customize the color is also a big bonus here in Canada, which is hard to find (outside of Rogue Fitness).

As it stands the Northern Lights Crossbox lego style/ ability to buy any part at a low cost and pick up at many locations seem to be the best bang for your buck (if you can bolt the rack down or create a Rogue R6 or mini-R6 type set up that wouldn’t need bolting down).

If you’re in Canada, what kind of set-up do you have/ want to get?

Note we’ve left out most of the budget made in China racks in Canada as they aren’t really much of a comparison here.

Author: Edwin

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