Granite Vanity Tops – How to Choose the Right One

Are you thinking about changing the design of your bathroom and adding some granite vanity tops? Maybe you are still a bit unsure about if this is the right decision for you, and need a bit more information before you buy?

You will be glad to hear that there a lot of well known and respected companies that supply bathroom granite vanity tops, each of whom offer the best quality granite and amazing prices that will suit any budget or wallet.

Some of these companies are Pegasus, Decorate with Daria, Giani Granite, American Standard and Direct to you Furniture. All of these companies have serviced people all over the USA and have earned themselves glowing reviews and a lot of consumer trust.

Whether you are looking for prefab granite vanity tops or prefabricated granite vanity tops, you are sure to be able to find something that will meet your own exact requirements, and that will also look fantastic in your bathroom.

Lets take a quick look as to why granite vanity tops are becoming more popular with every passing year.

Easy to Install

If you don’t fancy hiring an expensive professional or spending a lot of time installing things into your bathroom, then granite vanity tops are a perfect choice. They are very quick to install with absolutely no hassle at all, and you will very quickly see the look of your bathroom changing.

Looks Great

You can add a touch of class to your bathroom with granite, which can be complimented with a beautiful porcelain sink. Guests will be amazed when they see it, and they are certain to give you lots of compliments. It is also good to know that granite is a great natural material that will never let you down.

Last for Years to Come

Natural granite is very durable and will very easily last you for many years to come. It also has a great look that you will never tire off, even ten or twenty years from now. In fact, the style of granite has often been referred to as timeless.

What are Customers Saying?

One of the best selling granite vanity tops on is the Pegasus PE25649 Montesol Granite Vanity Bowl. It currently has 2 reviews on the website which are both very positive.

One customer noted that this is the best material that you could hope to find and it is definitely worth the money. It was also noted that it was very easy to install without any problems or frustration.

Another reviewer talked about that it looks great in their bathroom and they would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Lastly, there was a comment about how one customer has now decided to put granite countertops in their kitchen as they are so impressed with the vanity top.


Granite vanity tops are definitely becoming more popular and it is easy to see why. With the ease of installation, the impressive looks and the durability of the material, this is something that will grace your bathroom for many years to come.

Author: Edwin

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