House Windows Design That Works Best

If you are considering new windows for your home, you want the house windows that work best. Choosing house windows can be a matter of just replacing what you have or making style and design variations. House windows come in many designs and we will discuss some of those herein.

House windows design types most commonly begin with standard double hung windows, which are the kind with one sash over the top of the other. They open by sliding the top sash down or the bottom sash up.

The second most popular house windows design are sliders. Sliders commonly come with two sashes, side by side. You open a slider by moving the left sash to the right or the right sash to the left. Sliders sometimes come with three glass units. This arrangement is generally designed with a “dead” pane in the center. The dead pane dose not move, while the right and left sides slide as described.

Another popular type of house windows replacement is the casement. A casement window features a cranking mechanism that is used to crank the window open on a pivot from one side. Casements can be chosen to open from the left or the right, depending on design preferences or construction limitations.

Double hung windows can be replaced by casements, as they will fit in the same basic type of openings. However, double hungs and casements cannot usually be replaced with sliders without modifying the opening. Generally speaking, to install a slider in a space where there has been a double hung or a casement window will require shortening and widening the aperture.

Bay and bow windows are very large, multi-glass windows that generally feature a bend of a few degrees. The difference between a bay and bow window is easy to determine. A bay window only ever has three lites (glass units), where a bow window has at least three lites and as many as five. On a bay window, the center lite is 50% larger than the two end lites. Bow windows feature lites divided into equal sizes.

When replacing house windows and doors most people simply seek a new window of the same type they already have, but you don’t have to do this. As mentioned before, double hung windows can often be replaced with casements or casements replaced with double hungs. A bank of double hung windows could be replaced by a small bay or bow.

Dead lites, windows that do not open or close, are commonly referred to as picture windows. You can replace almost any type of window with a dead lite.

What you choose to do with your house windows depends only on the limitations of your imagination and the basics of your home’s construction.

Author: Edwin

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