How to Create Foil Business Cards

The power of business card cannot be understated in anyway and as such it is important to have a business card that leaves a lasting impression amongst your business acquaintances and what a better way to do this than by foil business cards. As a result of technological development in information and communication technology, there has been development of application software with the capability to create double sided business cards. This is a shift from the traditional one sided card that lacked detailed directions and other important information other than contact details.

Whereas, most people are fast to hire the services of professional graphics designers to complete the publication process for them, unknown to them is that they can easily do this from the comfort of their own home or offices. All you need to have is the right software and hardware, i.e. Colour printer, printable foil papers and appropriate programs such as Microsoft Publisher, Corel Draw, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.

To load the application software, click start from the taskbar and point to all programs. In the popup menu that appears select Microsoft Office. In the window that appears, click on business card from categories menu that is displayed on the left pane of the screen. A list of templates to use in the design process will be displayed. Double click on the template that suits your style. This can later be personalised by going to menu bar and clicking on format to change the background colour, font scheme and colour scheme.

Given that the card will have information on both sides you will need to add a second page in your publication design. Click insert from the menu bar and select page from the drop down menu. Format the page as you did in page one.

Complete the design by adding the necessary details on page one and two.

Author: Edwin

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