How To Install Wrought Iron Railings

Installing wrought iron railings is not as easy as sticking wooden rocking chairs for nursery rooms where they belong.

Wrought iron designs require tools and protection for you to install it.  When you’re putting wrought iron railings up on concrete steps, it is important to have eye protection and ear protection, and make sure you know what you’re doing before you start drilling. Make sure you have helpers for this project.  Even if you’re the best do it yourself person you know, this is a more-than-two-hands project, and you will need two helpers.  Make sure they have eye and ear protection as well.

The first step is to gather all equipment necessary to finish the project before you start and make sure it all works.  Mark the concrete with a pencil or chalk where you want to drill.  Use a concrete hammer drill with a bit that is half an inch larger than the post will be, and use your buddies to both vacuum the concrete dust so you can see what you’re doing, and eyeball the drill to make sure it is going in straight.  Incorrect holes in concrete are not fun or easy to fix.

After the holes have been drilled, use the vacuum to remove all the dust from them.  Check to see if the poles will fit, and fix things if they don’t.  Use epoxy-based anchoring adhesive and mix it using the directions on that epoxy package and put it in a caulking gun.  After that, it’s time to put the wrought iron rail into the hole.

This is where it becomes a more-than-two-hands project.  Your buddies will hold the wrought iron railings up and make sure it is plumb by using a level, while you use a caulking gun with the epoxy in it to glue the rail into the concrete.  Be sure to hold up the rail while the adhesive dries so it is not crooked.

Author: Edwin

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