How to Recover Deleted Files

We have all had to recover deleted files.  I don’t think there is a person using a computer today who hasn’t deleted a file accidentally.  While most of us are okay when it comes time to recover deleted files from the recycle bin, we all need help if we are going to get deleted files off of our hard drive.

Data recovery hard drive failure is something you need to have done by a professional or by using software.  The most decisive factor in recovering data from a hard drive failure is how badly you need to get the information back.  Making this decision will have a direct effect on whether you use software to recover deleted files, recover deleted files freeware, or hire someone to scour your hard drive.

After all, these are about the only three options left to you to recover data from a hard drive.  Mostly, as mentioned, it depends on how badly you need the data and whether you are recovering it from a working or dead hard drive, but it also depends on cost.

Let’s go high end first.  The most expensive way to recover deleted files is to hire someone to scour your hard drive.  This process is expensive because you need to hire someone with specialized experience, specialized software, time, and patience.  Usually this is an option chosen by businesses that have lost vital or security intensive files.  Individuals who get to a point where they cannot recover sensitive files will generally opt to destroy the hard drive.

The next option on the price scale is to purchase specialized software.  There are myriads of software applications out there for recovering deleted files.  You really should have some computer savvy to help you make your choice, because they don’t all work.

Get as much information about the software and its manufacturer before you decide to buy it as you can.  Read reviews and go to chat rooms, talk to people who know something about computers if you can.  Then decide how badly you need the files in comparison to the software cost and the frustration level.

The last of our options for recovering deleted files is to use data recovery freeware.  Here again, you need to do as much due diligence as possible before downloading the freeware to your computer.  Find out all you can about the product and the company that makes it and then decide if it is worth the risk and frustration to attempt to recover deleted files. Remember to check out our sponsors on this page for further help.

Author: Edwin

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