Invicta Watches – Diversity, Swiss-Quality at An Affordable Price

There is nothing quite like owning a high quality sports watch, and when people think about quality, Swiss watches are one of the first things that comes to mind. Invicta watches, have always added a twist to the example of Swiss quality, by producing sports watches for men and women at a reasonable cost, when compared to many Swiss watch brands that offer timepieces for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Since the Invicta Watch company was formed in 1837, they have made it their deal to create Swiss-quality wristwatches at a price that can be afforded by the masses.

In Latin, Invicta means “invincible” and for centuries, Invicta have lived up to their namesake, delivering a wide range of high quality sports watches that could be afforded by all. The company went from strength to strength, Swiss-quality Invicta watches were offered at prices that made them extremely sought after, but the company’s fortunes would turn in the 1970’s, when a tide of cheap Quartz watches hit the market and sent the demand for Invicta Swiss watches into decline. For the next twenty years, the watch company would lose favour in the wrist watch world.

It was not until 1991, that the watch maker’s fortunes would turn the corner, when the prospects of the Invicta watch groups would re-emerge. The period has seen an explosive emergence of several new product lines, including the popular Pro Diver Series and the adaption of self-winding automatic watch movements and other new technologies. A new niche was established in a segment of the watch market that had, up until now, been the domain of timepieces costing in the range of thousands of dollars.

Recent years have seen Invicta developing its own watch movement calibers that have been installed in many of the modern Invicta watches. Today Invicta’s catalog of watches is expansive with a wide range of watches in a variety of unique and quite stylish designs that will literally suit everyone’s tastes. The list of materials Invicta uses is impressive and in some of their collections, hard-set diamonds, sapphire crystals, 18 Karat gold and hand-made movements feature prominently. Their limited edition Subaqua Noma watch features a genuine meteorite stone dial, which goes beyond the normal rare sapphire, diamond and gold elements.

It is this unique thinking and creativity that makes Invicta watches, one of the more diverse and varied watch makers around and for the price that you pay, you can look the part in terms of style and fashion which would cost you thousands when using watches made from other watch companies.

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