Kids Camo Bedding For Decorating An Army Bedroom

It comes as no surprise that one of the most requested bedroom themes by young boys is the army style armed with kids camo bedding.  Camouflage print, kids camo bedding and military colors are endlessly popular.  Decorating an army bedroom gives you a chance to use your creativity and make something unique.  Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your project.

Older or unfinished furniture can give the room a rugged look, like a military camp.  You can scavenge through yard sales and thrift stores to find furniture at low prices that will look perfect for a deconstructed army theme.  An advantage to using old, beat-up furniture is that the kid really won’t be able to damage it too much.  And in a child’s room, especially one with such a distinctive theme, used furniture won’t look out of place at all.  Some children, however, may prefer more stately furniture.  Dark wood polish or a coat of black paint can prepare furniture for a polished army style bedroom.

Continuing with the rugged theme above, you can also look for accessories in second-hand stores.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to accessorize a military room.  A few wooden crates or a wooden barrel in the corner is a nice touch.  If you can find army nets, they can be draped across furniture or on the ceiling to create a nice effect.  Most of the time, you’ll be able to find some actual army items at a low cost to use in the bedroom.  Think about things like army helmets, canteens, boots, and other equipment.

In a girl’s room, you’ll have more options to accessorize.  You won’t need to stick to a more rugged appearance.  Pink camouflage bedding and accessories can be used in a girl’s room, with white furniture instead of wood and white or cream walls instead of beige or green.  You can use more modern items as well.  A full-length mirror with a camouflage border draws the eye’s attention while bringing the room together.  Camo picture frames are another thing you can incorporate into the room.

Look online for kids camo bedding which is really the focal point of the room as well as pictures of other military inspired bedrooms to get ideas.  Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find useable items and come up with new designs constantly.  An army bedroom is a fun and relatively simple project to complete.

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