Koi Fish Tattoo- Want To Invite Good Fortune? Try Koi Fish Tattoo Design

The Koi Fish Tattoo- Koi is the Japanese term for Carp. Koi fish tattoo are very popular tattoo designs in Japan and China.

In Japanese and Chinese, these mean a lot in terms of their myths, legends, fables and stories. According to some of those stories, Koi has transformed and was able to climb in waterfalls or become dragons with the help of their efforts and perseverance.

Japanese Koi Fish Design

Koi fish tattoo designs are general symbolism for ‘good luck’. People having this tattoo invite good fortune to come into their lives. Moreover, Japanese Koi fish tattoo also describes masculinity. Applying this belief, a flag with Koi fish when displayed would mean a baby boy is born.

Nowadays, Koi fish tattoo designs have been very popular not just in men but also in women, furthermore, since Koi fishes are known to be very energetic, Koi fish tattoos are created with lively colors and lots of movements.

There are numerous interpretations about the tattoos koi fish:

-A koi fish tattoo meaning is victory. It is a triumph for a koi fish to swim against the current of the stream. It depicts success over a struggle
-Another is for independence. This idea was acquired from the Western ideologists

Chinese Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish tattoo design for Chinese has been considered to symbolize lofty goals and dreams. Inspired from Japanese beliefs, Chinese also believe that Koi fish tattoo can bring long-life fortune. It is believe that if you put Koi fish tattoo, it can bring you wealth and abundance.

Chinese Koi fish tattoos are very large tattoos with intricate colors and shading that somehow refer to its rainbow-like scales and its strong swimming motion against the current.

With these ancient Japanese and Chinese beliefs, many already embraced and like putting Koi fish tattoo in their backs, shoulders or as sleeve tattoo. With the meaning it contains, many opt for a Koi fish tattoo. Additionally, their designs are very astounding and great.

Every tribal tattoo has accompanied meanings in accordance to ancient beliefs and traditions. If you are planning to put tattoo on some parts of your body, make sure that you know its meaning. It is nice to have some tattoo wherein it has positive meanings in it. Moreover, nothing will be nicer if the tattoo design you selected corresponds to your personality.

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