Laying Solid Oak Flooring for the Living Room

The living room is generally the most “exposed” area of the house. While the kitchen may be the busiest, it’s not always seen or visited by people other than the house’s occupants. As such, the living room is often the basis for most people’s first impressions of your home. It’s for this reason you need to be extra careful when designing your living room. For starters, how about using solid oak flooring? Laying solid oak flooring can change up the atmosphere of your room and give it a great, new contemporary feeling.

Flooring Needs of Your Living Room

Wood plank flooring can give your living room an intimate atmosphere no matter how large and spacious it is. That’s important since living rooms are primarily designed to welcome your visitors and they could end up being intimidated if your living room feels too showy.

If you have a small living room, it’s equally important not to make your guests feel crowded. Dark colored wood floors can make your living room feel smaller so be sure to choose lighter shades for your flooring.

The safety of your guests should be another priority of yours. Hardwood floors are the picture of elegance, but they’re also incredibly slippery and especially when someone accidentally spills his drink or a similar accident occurs. As such, it’s best that you also use an area rug here and there to provide guests with non-slippery surfaces to stand on.

When someone accidentally slips in your living room, your guest could end up sliding all the way to the other side hardwood flooring is used all throughout the living room and there isn’t any area rug to create a “buffer”.

Area rugs also serve another purpose, and that’s to provide a play area for guests with babies or toddlers with them. Bare solid oak flooring isn’t ideal for children to play on. Area rugs, on the other hand, are more suitable since they won’t hurt as much if a child accidentally falls on the ground. They’re also more comfortable to sit on than plain wood plank flooring.

Author: Edwin

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