Nexus 6 – Is It Still Relevant in 2016?


Nexus 6

Is the Nexus 6 still relevant in 2016? We’ll let you decide based on the cliff notes compiled from personal testing and what we’ve seen online:

Nexus program is still alive and well with the Nexus 6 running the latest Android OS Marshmallow getting lots of timely updates. Now has Android N developer preview (easy to upgrade to with current settings/ data saved, but will wipe data when downgrading back to Android M).

Bigger than the Note 4, but not better. Great screen to watch movies on.

Better to hold than iphone6 due to mix of metal and somewhat grippy plastic shell.

Not for one handed texters, but most 5.5″ phones are tethering on two-handed usage only too.

New 5x and 6p may be more compelling buys, but not at the current price range. Phone has since come down to around $350 on Amazon US. Has been on special for as low as $200 for the 32GB both colors for around 8 hours during lightning deals Black Friday 2015 week. Then a couple of times at $250 during Christmas 2015 and Jan 2016 (launch price was $650 USD late 2014).

Supports Project Fi (Only for Nexus devices so far).

No working LED indicator . Need to root phone to get this turned on, dev on XDA has figured out the phone does emit a pulsation light.

Power button differentiates itself with ridges (located above smooth volume rocker button)

Camera is a Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor with a f/2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization (OIS). Better than the Moto X 2014 camera (older sensor and no OIS) and better than Nexus 5 8mp camera. New Nexus cameras are better. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has f/2.0 sensor (released 2016).

Comes with Turbo charger (- New Nexus phones do not have wireless or turbo charging. Quick charge specs of adding 6 hours in 15 mins. In testing, 20% in 15mins. Total charge for quick charge was 1 hr 20 mins from zero to full using included turbo charger. Turbo charge only works between 30% to 80%, outside of this range phone charges at normal speed.

Geekbench 3 benchmarking tests. Nexus 6 average multi-core score: 3284. iPhone 6 Plus: 2911, Samsung Galaxy S5: 2905, Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 3352, Samsung Galaxy S6: 4846, HTC One M9: 3803, Nexus 9: 3492

Twin front facing speakers produce great sound, doesn’t quite match the HTC One M9 with its BoomSound speaker tech.

Just under 26G of user storage for the 32 gb model. OS takes 6gb. So far in testing 32GB is plenty, epsecially with Google Photo’s ability to upload and wipe from local data.

Can run Modern Cambat 5 and GTA San Andreas on max settings.

Doesn’t heat up too much when playing games like Mortal Kombat X, Dead Trigger 2 and Asphalt 8

Solid build quality. 10.1 mm thick, but curves, so doesn’t feel thick. Phone has flat sides. Comparison on weight. N6: 6.49 ounces, ipPhone 6 Plus 6.07 ounces, Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 6.21 ounce. Not too much of a difference to discourage.

Viewing angles are good, can see screen reasonably well in direct sunlight. Darks are just as dark as Note 4. Whites have a warmer temperature, and aren’t as bright (much better than Nexus 5’s lcd panel, which bleeds light)

Due to 2.5D display curved edges on edge of screen – finding a good tempered glass protector that goes edge-to-edge with no bubbles is difficult. XDA recommends intelliGLASS Pro Edge-to-edge. The first one we got had a lot of bubbles on the edge. We emailed the company and they sent out a new one that had a much better design and had no bubbles.

Lots of dBrand and Slickwrap skins available.

Author: Edwin

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