Plumbing Systems and Design -What You Need to Know

When was the last time you ever took a tour inside your home? You’ll be surprised to know that sometimes, what are left unseen behind those walls are the most essential structures that are vital in keeping water out of your kitchen floor. These plumbing systems and design are the lifeblood of your home.

Potable water is probably the most essential element of indoor plumbing, and the latter half of the 20th century has witnessed major improvements on the plumbing systems around the world. Sure, water is one basic need we cannot live without, but keep in mind that other organisms need water as well—including deadly microorganisms.

To address this threat, chemical compounds have been included in our drinking water, in which chlorine is the most widely used chemical compound, while ozone is equally popular in other countries as well.

Water that goes inside our bodies has to eventually come out as waste in one form or another, and the best way to solve the problems of waste disposal is the installation of drain-waste-vent system, or DWV.

This elaborate system works by effectively removing sewage from the building and draining them toward the septic system—or in some cities, a public sewer—while the gases produced by the sewage is vented out of the building.

A structured system such as the DMV is always defined and regulated by existing building codes to ensure safety of waste disposal. In addition, other plumbing systems and design include septic systems, water drainage and gas piping.

These systems are much more complicated, all of which are best left to professional plumbers whenever problems in these systems arise.

Plumbing systems have gone a long way since the rise of human civilization. For instance, lead pipes were popular until the first half of the 20th century. However, the use of such toxic element has declined for obvious health reasons. With modern technology, plumbing has been the lifeblood of major cities around the world.

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