Old Houses And Closets – Using a Portable Clothes Rack

When you move into an older house, the biggest thing you’ll notice is that there are many ‘surprises’ to living in an old house as opposed to a new house. A newer house has electrical wires all where they’re supposed to be. A newer house has rooms that are bent in odd shapes because the wall used to be over there until they moved it once to make room for a space for their kid, and once again to make space for their teenage kid.

You’ll also notice that the whole house is way smaller than you’re probably used to. Houses have grown in size significantly since the fifties, meaning that if you are going to move into one, you will probably need a portable clothes rack or a free standing portable wardrobe just so you have enough space.

This isn’t to say that the different houses don’t have closets. It does mean that you probably won’t be able to stuff your winter wardrobe, your summer wardrobe, your party wardrobe and your Halloween wardrobe all into one closet design like you can with the huge houses built nowadays.

An older house often has the closet as an after thought, meaning that you should very well figure out what to do with it carefully. You can’t stuff everything you own in the little tiny closets that come with the old houses. What you need to do is buy a portable clothes rack so you don’t have to worry about having to get rid of all your stuff.

Watch how you use your clothing. If you only use your big, heavy winter coat during the dead center of winter, then you probably don’t need to keep it in your bedroom closet. You can keep it downstairs on your portable wardrobe and you won’t need to worry about not being able to find the three shirts you wear nearly every day to work simply because there’s a giant coat in the way in the middle of July. Your coat is still accessible because you didn’t have to box it up, but you don’t have to worry about not being able to access stuff.

Author: Edwin

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