Small Bathroom Design – Tips and Remodeling Ideas for a Better Look

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom offers you a private place to relax and get away from all the electronics, emails and phone calls. Some bathrooms are a lot smaller than others.  Finding the right ideas or coming up with creative ways to make your bathroom seem bigger is always a challenge. This article will give you a few solid tips on how to spruce up and add space to your small bathroom design.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom design is not hard to do as long as you have some solid initial ideas when coming up with a bathroom design.  If you do a little bit of research and put some time in then it shouldn’t be hard to make a few small changes to transform the look of your small bathroom. The following are bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms that will help you get started:

Pay Attention to Your Bathroom Lighting

Light yields a great impact to the ambiance of a room. Having a dimmer light will enhance the feeling of relaxation and calmness within the bathroom. To do this, add some bulbs that emit a smaller quantity of light, such as those with lower wattage or can be dimmed. There is a whole range of different light out there that can be easily installed.

small bathroom design

You could also add some candles. Make sure you buy a few stable candle holders and some nice candles that will suit the look and feel of the room. You can even get some wall sconces to mount candles up on the wall.

One can’t deny the fact that natural light is more preferable than artificial light. But what if you don’t have any bathroom windows and you aren’t able to use a skylight? Hard, isn’t it? Try a mix of the above tips for lighting and experiment a little with what works best.

Lift Fixtures off The Floor

Vanity and tubs could be raised to lessen their footprint and to allow the eye to see the end of the floor with no barrier or unnecessary objects that may catch the eyes’ attention. To avoid a dull looking, closed bathroom, add a simple and light color scheme rather than one with bright or strong colors. Also, the finishing tiles should be kept simple and understated. A simple small bathroom design is always going to trump something too complicated or costly.

Get Influenced by Others

A small bathroom is always going to be hard to spruce up. There are many different small bathroom ideas that you can read up or do research on, such as online magazines, interior design magazines and interior design pictures. There are a ton of ideas out there for different walk in shower designs or even bathroom cabinetry for any large or small bathroom remodel.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

So we have looked at trying to increase light and adding fixtures. There are a few other things that you can do to make that small bathroom of yours look great.

A simple thing is to choose a color theme. Choose between cool or warm colors. That way the bathroom will have a definite theme. From here pick a warm or cool colored shower curtain to really make the bathroom feel homey.

Look at placing a big mirror into the bathroom to create a larger visual space.

You can also look at putting in open storage, like extra racks for towels. Closed storage takes up space and gives the visual effect of making the bathroom look a lot smaller.

More Bathroom Design Tips

You should be able to find many different and unique bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms. Bathroom remodelling does not have to be hard at all. Try to gain inspiration from different design magazines, online pictures and use the above tips to add an extra appeal to your small bathroom. You should be able to get modeling even with a smaller budget.

Author: Edwin

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