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What is an ideal house for you? For some, their dream house is a three-story house that is designed according to their imagination. In a real life situation, an ideal house, regardless of its size must contain all the necessary rooms like the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Could you imagine how a small house can have a good-looking bathroom?

This is so simple. It is not new for professional decorators to design sometimes overlook the bathroom. Space is at a premium, so often a bathroom is a small place. With such a small space, it is often hard to come up with ideas to transform the look and feel of a smaller bathroom. This article will look at different ways and ideas that can be applied for a small bathroom remodel.

Small Bathroom Remodel

A small bathroom remodel is when you start giving your bathroom another look, hopefully without spending too much money. Well-planned small bathroom remodeling is not a hard task. All you need to do is to redress your bathroom in order for people to perceive it as a newly structured room.

Bathroom restructuring can effectively take place if you adhere to these small bathroom remodeling ideas. These involve focusing on different parts of the bathroom and design process, namely:


Before taking any action, careful planning can help you greatly. Do not rush into a situation wherein you may not be sure of its outcome. Just relax and work things out. You need to be certain about the things you want to put inside your small bathroom, how big it is, the location and how you want it to look like. A good plan combined with some great bathroom decorating ideas is going to make for a well designed bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design – How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

In remodeling a small bathroom, spend some time to distinguish which specific part requires much attention for repairs or remodeling. You can also consult some experts for you to have a broader visualization of you small bathroom.

You can split the design of the small bathroom design up into 4 different parts.

1. The toilet area 

Unfortunately this area can not be too compromised. Look at getting a white toilet as the color white looks the cleanest and also gives a more modern and contemporary look to the bathroom. Having lighter colors such as white will make it seem like there is more room in the bathroom. You will  also need to consider placement of spare toilet paper rolls as well as where you will place the regular toilet paper holder. Another thing you will need to look at is space for cleaning products and a possible toilet brush to go somewhere.

2. The washing area

This area is the shower or the bath area. There are a ton of options here. Modern day bathrooms come with either a shower or a hybrid mix of a shower and a bath tub. This all varies depending on the bathroom, but a hybrid mix or just having as shower in a smaller space is a great idea. Another thing to consider would be a walk in shower design for a smaller bathroom.

Look at making the bathroom stand out with nice chrome fittings for the shower and taps or a nice shower curtain to match the bathroom theme. Don’t know the theme? Well just go for something that will match the walls, towels or something to brighten up the bathroom. Creating a theme with towels and a bath mat/ towel is also a great idea to brighten up the room. Keep a theme of either cool or warm colors.

Using lighter colors will also open the space up more and brighten up the room if there are no bathroom windows.

3. Storage

Storage can be tough for small bathroom remodels. For our smaller bathroom in our apartment, we have a small little area behind the mirror for storage as well as storage racks. Putting racks up on the wall is a great way to hold your bathroom towels. This is also done in many hotels. You can even get small holders to put into the shower area for things like shampoo, conditioner and soaps. Start with one or two racks and go from there.

4. Basin area

The basin area is where a lot of time will be spent in the bathroom. For a smaller bathroom, you could probably get a basin without a shelf underneath, so an open basin. This will allow you to use the space underneath for a possible bin or for where your feet may protrude when standing in front of the basin. It also makes the smaller bathroom look a lot smaller. Also consider spaces for where the soap or hand soap dispenser will go as well as other accessories you might want to have close at hand, such as hair dryers, toothpaste, toothbrushes or medication.

Remodeling Materials

In frequent small bathroom remodels, the most common materials used are tiles. These decorative stones, either ceramic or granite, are an efficient way to restructure your small bathroom. There are also some people who prefer to use glass in their bathroom cubicles and walls.  But the main idea here is, to select for best materials that can be used in your small bathroom remodel.

The above mentioned key steps are very essential in a small bathroom remodel. If you are able to grasp the small bathroom remodel ideas and recommendations, then, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of restructuring. Now, that you know these easy steps, what are you waiting for? With the help of these small bathroom remodeling ideas, you should be able to spruce up your bathroom with minimal time and cost.

Author: Edwin

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