The Best Small Swimming Pools

If you’re interested in a variety of different small swimming pools for your home, understanding your options is the best way to get the right pool for needs and family. Take a look at the following styles of small swimming pools to see if an above ground or rather an in ground pool is right for you. Take a look at some of the best pool accessories as well.

The Top Small Above-Ground Swimming Pools

The iPool above-ground swimming pool is a good option for those looking for an adult training pool that can be doubled as a small pool for the family. This pool is designed as a training device for those looking for swimming exercise in their backyards.

This swimming pool comes in one size, about 10 by 7 feet (around the size of an SUV). This allows you to move your pool wherever convenient in your backyard. At about 3 feet deep, this pool is the right depth for training but shallow enough for your kids to play safely.

Use the iPool’s cover when not in use to prevent debris and pool water from escaping. You can even install this pool indoors without concerns of leaking or humidity problems.

The Best Accessories for Small Swimming Pools in Ground

There are a number of different ways to accessorize your in ground pool. First, consider getting a pool fence to keep wandering kids and pets from falling into your swimming pool while you’re away. When installing your fence, make sure you secure it to the cement around your pool to ensure that no one will fall, with the fence, into your pool.

If you’re not worried about keeping unwanted guests from you pool while you’re away, splurge on some fun sports equipment for water play. You can even find outdoor pool accessory organizers to keep your inflatable right at hand. There are even floating solar pool lights to keep all of the corners of your pool well illuminated, even at night.

The Best Small Swimming Pools Designs

If you plan on installing a below ground swimming pool in your backyard, choosing the right pool design is vital. Generally, smaller pools should be square or rectangle to maximize usable space.

Larger pools can be formed into interesting organic shapes (such as the common kidney bean shape, but this is not ideal for small pools because it cuts down on the space you can play in.

Choosing Your Swimming Pool

Choosing the right small swimming pools option as all about balancing needs and uses. An above ground pool can be moved according to your situation, while a below ground pool will be a permanent installation. There are tons of fun accessories to use with any pool, above or below ground. If you plan a pool excavation project in your backyard, make sure that your smaller pool is either square or round.

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