Small Woodworking Projects Made Easy With Dremel Tools

If you are looking for a tool kit to do small woodwork projects, Dremel has just released a new hobby range. The new Dremel Hobby range includes a multi-tool, engraver, gas butane torch, glue gun, project table, and the original Dremel 300 Series multi-tool. All of these tools come in super handy when doing easy woodworking or other projects. This tool kit would certainly have made my life a lot easier when I started with my first woodworking project years ago.

The multi-tool is called the Stylus and can be used for fine detail work. As with most of the other tools, its use is not limited to only woodworking, but it is also very handy for other crafts. With its twenty-five accessories it can perform various tasks such as brushing, sanding and engraving. The Stylus is cordless and lightweight, and comes with for storage compartments for all the various accessories.

The engraver comes with templates to guide you in your creativity process. The carbide tip makes it ideal for use on wood, soft plastics, leather and glass. Fine detailed work can be done with the engraver, either by doing it free hand or by using the accompanying templates. Creating your own custom templates for use with the engraver is quite simple, especially if you use the supplied templates as an example.

The Versatip is a gas butane torch that comes with six interchangeable tips. It works beautifully for wood burning or pyrography. Other uses for the Versatip include metal work where soldering, melting or welding is required. Due to its size, this torch is however limited and will not be able to do bigger soldering or welding jobs where more heat is required.

The glue gun works magic for gluing together small wood projects and also for adding decorative elements to wood. I especially find the secure foot and kickstand handy as this allows be to operate it one-handed on the work surface. The unit has a dual temperature setting that allows for adjusting depending on the type of material you use the glue on. Glitter sticks are included in the kit, and my daughter uses these for her scrap booking projects. Flower arranging also become a lot easier with the help of this glue gun.

The project table is one of the smallest worktables available. Due to its high quality it can be used indoors or outdoors even though it is lightweight and compact. With small-scale projects, this table removes the problem of where to put all your components when working.

The Dremel 300 Series multi-tool is good for woodworking projects that require precision and speed. Like the Stylus, it comes with twenty-five accessories used for such tasks as cutting, sanding, and carving. The 300 series is cord operated with a 125W motor, making it a lot more powerful than its smaller brother, the Stylus. Designed for comfort and with improved ergonomics, this tool is a must have for doing any small detailed work.

The six tools in the Dremel Hobby range described above is an asset to any woodworker interested in doing small woodworking projects. In addition, hobbyists practising different crafts will also benefit from using this range.

Author: Edwin

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