Stainless Steel Splashback Guide

Stainless steel splashbacks refer to pieces of specialized steel construction which go behind a range or oven, often with the specific purpose of blocking any grease or splashing that result from frying on the burners. This can be used to keep grease off the walls and reduce fire hazard by having grease off a frying pan hit a wall of steel as opposed to the wall.

These items are popular with both indoor and outdoor kitchens and provide major aesthetic benefits in addition to protection from possible grease fires.

Look for durability

Made of stainless steel, these splashbacks not only look good, but they also are designed to last. This durability is part of what makes them so popular among consumers. When you buy one, you know it’s going to last for years. While many people like them as an outdoor set up, there are also many different models that fall under the category of a kitchen stainless steel splashback, and these often come with the option of ventilation shafts which also can be attached. This provides indoor kitchens with plenty of different design options to match the many different kitchen designs which are popular among consumers.

Stainless steel splashback size

If you find your back wall spattered with grease or simply don’t like having a bare and blank plaster wall starting at you from behind the oven, going with a quality 90 cm stainless steel splashback. While there are many other sizes available ranging from as small as 60 cm and all the way up to 120 cm, but for the majority of home kitchens the 90 cm model will be the most popular because it fits perfectly without encroaching on other parts of the kitchen wall outside of the oven or range area. Obviously each individual consumer needs to measure their space and figure out the proper size for themselves, but many consumers consider that model the standard.


Depending on what type of design or aesthetic appearance you prefer, you might want to go a little bit brighter, and some consumers believe they have a less cooler aesthetic appearance. There’s really no great way of knowing which one is best for you as this is strongly a personal preference but it’s definitely worth your time to check out both and see if one style really jumps out at you compared to another style.

Stainless steel splashbacks won’t be appropriate for every kitchen, but the majority of outdoor kitchens come with splashbacks or are at least designed to accept them and the aesthetic and practical benefits are hard to deny. They protect from potential fire and create a positive aesthetic appearance which is much easier to clean and maintain than constantly looking to clean up the walls. At the very least you should give them a serious look even if you aren’t convinced. There are many different style options available and just because it’s made of stainless steel doesn’t mean it has to be silver in color.

So look around at the products available and when you find the perfect stainless steel splashback for the right price you’ll be ready to pull the trigger.

Author: Edwin

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