Star Trek And Jewelry Colors

Silver fashion jewelry has made a significant comeback as many people have decided to get things other than gold, and have started to go with things that just look good on them as opposed to going with things that look expensive.

The days of ‘a diamond is a girl’s best friend’ are past, as the realm of jewelry has begun to take its rightful place as an ‘anything goes, so long as it looks beautiful’.

Many people look far better in silver fashion jewelry than they do in gold, as gold looks better with certain skin tones, and there are generally more people who look good with silver than there are people who look good with a gold design. Gold is yellow, beautiful by itself, and doesn’t always pull out the best colors on people.

A great example of how colors don’t necessarily look good on people comes from Star Trek. While this sounds crazy when talking about jewelry, it just goes to show how only one out of every four (or less!) people look good in gold, and everyone else will be far better complimented with other colors. The Original Series show had Captain Kirk, who didn’t look good in red. He looked good in yellow.

With no one knowing what a hit Star Trek would be later, they dressed him in a yellow shirt and dubbed that the ‘captain color’, even though human psychology responds better to leadership from just about any other color other than yellow.

The next several series that took off after that all had their captains dressed in red because the yellow didn’t look good and they looked more capable of authority in red. Bringing this back to the world of jewelry, the thing to keep in mind is none of the other four captains looked good in yellow, and gold is yellow.

If you’re looking to make yourself look gorgeous tonight, go with silver unless you know you can look good in gold. Some people don’t actually look good in either. Your color might be something more along the lines of copper or iron, and there are copper and iron jewelry to be found as well.

Author: Edwin

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