Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Lights

 Swimming pool lights are fun and interesting ways to light up a pool from twilight to nighttime, from small swimming pools to large swimming pools, it doesn’t matter. But all of the different light options out there mean that choosing is often a challenge. This diversity, though, also means that you’ll be able to find the exact pool light for your needs. Take a look at some of the different pool light options that are available to light up your water play experience.

AquaGlow Underwater Light Show

Sometimes, simple pool lights aren’t enough to create a fun atmosphere and funky vibe. If you’re looking for a truly unique way to light up your pool, consider this pool light which creates a dynamic underwater light show in your very own pool. 5 flashing patterns turn your pool light into entertainment. Light coverage of more than 15 feet is also ideal for larger pools. Customers recommend, though, buying more than one for a larger pool.

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

 If you need LED swimming pool lights to brighten up your pool during twilight hours, consider this wall light that can illuminate your entire medium sized pool with one light. Extra bright, LED bulbs will last longer than a more traditional light. LED lights are also notorious energy savers.

Fix this light onto the side of your swimming pool with a magnetic mounting system. If the light becomes separated from the magnetic mount for any reason, a built in flotation device will keep your investment from getting broken at the bottom of the pool. Overall, this is the best wall mount option for those who want to brighten up their pool with one light.

Hydro Tools Solar Pool Light

These floating solar swimming pool lights even change color while illuminating your pool, adding some interest to regular pool play. The cool part about this light is that it is solar powered, so you won’t have to worry about running down expensive batteries with use. These lights are decorative, though, and aren’t a good option if you want to see every nook and cranny of your pool at night.

Swimline Floating Lily Light

 As far as fiber optic pool lights go, decorative appeal and beauty are top priorities. This floating fiber optic lily light is a fun and interesting option for those looking to spruce up their nighttime pool fun. This lily shaped floating light uses two AA batteries and provides mood lighting for many different festivities. Durable plastic construction also means that this light won’t get broken during play. You can also replace the bulb with any standard flashlight bulb.

Fun Pool Lights for Any Need

From floating lights to underwater light shows, there is a cornucopia of different pool lights out there to fit almost any need. The trick is to find one that will provide the type of light you’re looking for. Stick with more simple lights if you simply want to see the bottom of your pool. If you want a more interesting, mood setting show, consider a light that changes color or even flashes a light show pattern.

Author: Edwin

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