Three Things To Know About Your Large Refrigerator

There are three things to know about your walk in cooler.  The first is that a large refrigerator takes a lot of electricity. The second is that your refrigerator will last a long time, often longer than the restaurant for mom and pop shops, and the third is that by keeping the gasket clean, you can cut down on the amount of electricity the machine requires and help it run effectively.

Refrigerator designs do require a lot of electricity.  When buying a commercial refrigerator, only buy as much refrigerator as you will need to run the business.  Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of money every month keeping dead air cold.  This is not a good investment.  A good refrigerator will give you enough space to keep what you need available, without taking up so much of your profits that you end up needing to close down the business.

The average household refrigerator, the ones with the fridge on the bottom and the freezer on top, generally last anywhere from seven to fourteen years before needing to be either replaced, or significantly repaired.  The average commercial refrigerator, on the other hand, usually lasts at least twenty years, if not more.

It is difficult to find used commercial refrigerators of the walk in variety because they are generally installed as part of the building itself.  It’s like finding a working used toilet.  It just doesn’t happen.  Keep that in mind if you’re just testing out the restaurant business.  This machine may last you longer than you’re willing to put up with dealing with restaurants.

The gasket is a little white or gray rubber strip that goes around the outside of the door.  By keeping it clean and flexible, you will help it do its job, which is sealing the outside air and temperature out and keeping the inside air and temperature in.

The biggest problem with gaskets is that they’re usually dirty because no one knows to clean them, and then they get cracked and can’t do their job.  Warm air leaks in, making the refrigerator work harder, and that takes up electricity and shortens the life of the refrigerator. Clean the gasket with soap and water and use petroleum jelly to lubricate it and keep it flexible and you won’t have any problems with it.

Author: Edwin

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