Timber Flat Roof Construction, the Best You Can Get

If you want to protect your roof from fungus attack and long lasting, you have to make a flat floor roof. In addition, if you want your roof different from your neighbors there is no option but timber flat roof construction. It means to make your flat roof with timber. The size and weight of timber depends largely on the load distribution of your supporting pillar. You can solve this problem by a good cad drafting job. AutoCAD gives you opportunity to fix the dimension, load distribution, angle of roof etc on your computer.

People use timber from very early age of civilization. Still now modern people trust timber as their rooftop. Timber is nothing but wood widely used for construction. Timber roof is lighter than cement cast roof. For constructing flat floor roof, timber is irreplaceable. As timber is water sucking material it needs some protection from water.

If timber stays into water as your roof can experience after rain, it will suck water and become thicker than its original size. This water may rot the grain boundary of timber. As a result they can collapse like cork sheets. For protecting timber from water, you can use rubber coating.

Three types of roofing systems are available i.e. built up roofing, membrane roofing, spray foam roofing, and EPDM roofing. Amongst them EPDM is the latest invention. This entire water resistant layer, we can find from mainly Polyvinyl Chloride. Insulation sometimes is present under the protecting layer for heat resistant capability. The insulation is 30mm to 60 mm thick.

Cement cast should stay under the plywood deck for making them flat. However, the main thing that you should concern about a plywood decking and protecting coating is the total load on the pillar. Excess load can make worse condition for you. You can color your timber roof with your favorite color though it is not necessary.

Author: Edwin

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