Top 50 Things To Own – Updated Sep 2017

Updated July 2017 – here’s our list of the top 50 things you should own. With tech and new designs constantly being pumped out, there are always new and cool things to enlighten your life. Here they are (in no particular order)

  1. Ultrabook – Dell XPS 13, or Macbook or entry level Macbook Pro. Potential hold out for the upcoming Microsoft Surface laptop release
  2. Tablet – Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 or Ipad Pro (depending on the size you want)
  3. Cell phone (If Android min 2gb ram) – get a tempered glass cover (much better than plastic). If going Android look to Xiaomi, Meizu, and Lenovo for more bang for your buck. High end offers better camera quality e.g. iPhone 7 or S8 Edge. Mi Mix is great, but camera is lacking for your top $
  4. Chromecast Audio – Sonos if you have the money
  5. Swiss army knife – Classic HD
  6. Bluetooth earphones – Because wireless headphones are awesome. Soundpeats or Mpow best bang for your buck
  7. Sous vide machine – Anova is the best bang for your buck, and makes amazing food!
  8. Pressure cooker – Instant Pot DUO60 is our fave
  9. Electric toothbrush – Oral B 3000 or higher, or a high end Philips Sonicare (Anything less than an Oral B 3000 only has 20,000 pulsations per min compared to 40,000 for the 3000 and higher)
  10. Portable battery charger – Anki or Aukey
  11. Power surge protectors – Belkin, other brands are fine
  12. A good wifi router (something that will broadcast your max download speed everywhere in your house)
  13. International travel power adapter
  14. Tape measure – For measuring stuff. Anything with a lifetime warranty
  15. Household tool set (includes wrench, screwdriver with different heads, hammer, plyers)
  16. Impact and drill combo set – DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch. Porter Cable is great bang for buck.
  17. Wireless laser printer – Black and white is fine for most applications. Inkjet sucks. Brother, Canon or any of the big grands here will fit the bill here
  18. Powerline adapter – if needed, look for Gigabit connection
  19. Simplehuman garbage bin – no more crappy lids breaking and having to touch the garbage bin every time you want to dispose of something. 10,000 step opening test on all their designs
  20. In-ear earphones – Panasonic or Xiaomi pistons are your best bang for buck here
  21. Good computer chair – Steelcase Leap v3 (v1 + v2 is still great) or Herman Miller Aeron
  22. Kuhn Rikon stainless steel garlic crusher
  23. Pepper grinder – Nothing beats some fresh pepper on your pasta – Cole & Mason
  24. Chefs knife – Victorinox Fibrox is best bang for money and widely available
  25. Cutting board – Prepworks
  26. Pans – Cast iron for high heat, T-Fal made in France series with Titanium coating for all other cooking – the non-stick on this is amazing
  27. Car dashcam – G1WC is best bang for buck, totally worth it in case of an accident for easy video proof
  28. Ebook reader – Kindle Paperwhite, cos reading a heavy novel one handed while lying down is a pain in the ass
  29. Cloud backup – Google Drive, Dropbox, Copy, OneDrive – all pretty solid
  30. Toolbox – Milhuakee or DeWalt for your tools
  31. No odor, non scratch dish cloths
  32. Drink bottle – UA vacuum sealed stainless steel bottle, one handed operation. Not crappy plastic.
  33. Kodi player – Chromebox or Raspberry Pi3 (Alternative is a Netflix player – Apple TV or Roku)
  34. High amperage phone charger. Min 1.8 or 2A – 1A chargers are sloooow
  35. Flirc device – uses your remote to enter keyboard functions – perfect for your Kodi or Netflix device
  36. Wine glasses – crystal set
  37. Whisky glasses – nice and heavy
  38. Kikkomin soy sauce – learn the difference between light and dark soy sauce
  39. Travel belt – get a small one so you don’t lose anything while traveling
  40. Premium credit card – you’ll need a good income for this, but totally worth the extended warranties, rental car loss damage waivers and price drop guarantees
  41. True usb3 speed usb dongle – Cos usb2 is just too slow nowadays
  42. Tough/ waterproof camera – Panasonic or Olympus
  43. Socket set, 3/8″ socket set is fine for most situations, but having a 1/2″ drive is handy for larger sockets
  44. Paperwork organizer – for important docs you have to keep e.g. tax returns
  45. Steam mop – Bissell – cos mopping the old school way is nowhere near as efficient
  46. Sunglasses – 100% uv protection or UV 400 protection. Gotta protect your eyes in sunlight, buy new lenses if your old ones are scratched up. Be aware of warranties (Oakley no longer has lifetime warranty etc.)
  47. Bluetooth receiver for car if it doesn’t already support bluetooth – iClever Himbox HB01
  48. Blender – Vitamix, there are others that are more budget friendly, but why not go for the King here? Blendtec is also great – but having a tamper is actually a really really good thing. New Ascent series as nice, but you can’t go wrong with anything certified reconditioned with presets if you prefer’em
  49. Rechargeable batteries – Eneloop AA and AAA batteries and charger
  50. TV/ projector – best you can afford – It really is the glory days of tv programs right now. If TV – 65″ LG OLED (super deep dark blacks), or if going regluar LED: Samsung KS series, Vizio P series
  51. Comfy bed/ pillow/ sheets/ duvet combo – too many variables here to make a pick, you’ll need to test here. Check out the likes of Caspa, Leesa and Tuft & Needle – all easily returnable with their guarantees
  52. Digital tire pressure gauge for your car – Tekton, Accutire, Viair
  53. Glass jars – Awesome for storing tons of different food items without leeching of any harmful chemicals
  54. Meat thermometer – Polder all-in-one timer/thermometer
  55. Kitchen food scale – Ozeri Pronto digital multifunction
  56. Home gym  – Rogue Fitness, made in America with awesome customer service and indestructible products
  57. Foam roller, Yoga mat, Lacrosse ball, Supernova – for mobility exercises. Kelly Starrett’s books are a great start to the world of self-maintenance and mobility
  58. Home Automation – Nest combined with Google Home or Amazon Echo
  59. Wifi scale – Withings or Fitbit, try both. Update 2017 – Withings is changing to Nokia
  60. Robotic Vac – Roomba 980 – expensive – but the tech keeps getting better and hasn’t matured yet, so get the best you can afford. Dyson design is a bit tall and very expensive so can’t recommend yet (especially as a Gen 1 product)
  61. Regular vac – For a regular vac there are two options, bagged or bagless. For bagged and the best for allergies and asthma go with Miele. For bagless go with Dyson. Miele released a bagless in 2016, so only time will tell how their bagless vac will hold up.

We cheated as bit here – slightly over 51. Hope some of these items come in handy for you! We’ll add more and change this list as time goes on.