Top Boys Bedroom Ideas for Decorating

If you are shopping around for boys bedrooms ideas for decorating, here are a number of suggestions to help you make boys bedroom design ideas of your own. Remember that you do not need to create fancy designer bedrooms here, just something simple that will put a smile on the owner of the bedroom.

Animal themes are very popular boys bedroom ideas.  Perhaps your boy is interested in lions, tigers, and wild jungle animals.  If this is the case, you can turn his bedroom into a safari with wallpaper or boys bedroom paint ideas that depict jungle scenes.

Boys bedroom ideasMaybe your child would prefer boys bedroom ideas that focus on marine life.  Depictions of the ocean featuring whales, dolphins, and sharks can be done using a variety of greens and blues to capture the exquisite colors of the sea.

One of the most popular boys bedroom design ideas are superheroes.  There are a wide variety of superhero themed bedding and boys bedroom decorating ideas featuring action heroes.  Furnishings for a boy’s room come in superhero themes, along with things like posters and animation cels.

Speaking of animation, cartoons are always great boys bedroom ideas.  Just as with superheroes, there is a wide variety of decorating items that can be chosen for a boy’s bedroom with cartoon themes.  Bedding is also available with popular cartoon characters featured; posters, and animation cels are available also.

Some boys are into transportation either by truck, plane, or automobile.  Perhaps your boy has an interest in all three.  The bedroom can be made up to look like a garage for boys who like these decorating features.

Sports themes are popular with a lot of boys and sports themed bedroom decorations and paraphernalia are easily available.  For these boys bedroom ideas, you can have the walls painted like a sports stadium with the crowd looking on to root your boy to victory.  Winning at sports and at life can most properly become the theme of this decorating idea.

Boys bedroom decorations are readily available for bedrooms with a gamer theme.  Choose your boys favorite PlayStation, X Box 360, or Nintendo games as the theme for his bedroom.  The most popular games all have merchandise that can easily be worked into the theme of a boy’s bedroom.

The concept is pretty straightforward; decorate your boy’s bedroom with things akin to his favorite pastime. No matter what it is your child likes to do, it can be turned into a bedroom theme, whether it is hiking, sailing, bicycling, swimming, running, or playing chess.  If his interests are in technology, space travel, mathematics, reading, writing, music, or flying kites, you can turn it into a theme for a boys bedroom ideas.

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