Unique Showers for Your Next Bathroom Remodel or Build

There’s nothing like coming home to a warm shower after a hard day at work. A shower that’s functional but fabulous in its design will do a lot for rejuvenation, rest and relaxation. Here are some unique showers that you might want to consider, soak them up, you’ll be glad you did.

Curved Shower Bench

Are you in the sitting room or in the shower? With the curved shower bench there might be some confusion as to where you are. The bench curves mold to the natural shape of the body, so you can relax while the water falls on your spent body. The colors, gray and green, further add to the atmosphere of relaxation and the bench is large enough to accommodate a couple friends as well.

Luxury Glass Shower Enclosure

A glass enclosed shower, held up by traditional frames, gives you a view from the outside-in or the inside-out. Marble floors add a bit of luxury and the bench provides a place to relax on the days that you don’t feel like standing.

Etched Glass Shower Doors

Unlike glass doors, etched glass doors provide some degree of privacy. The glass features decorative patterns and lettering to add luxury to the shower. A bench, steam and multiple body sprays also enhance the look and functionality of the shower.

Steam Shower Room

A steam room and a shower in one, that’s what you’ll get with the steam shower room. The inner walls are covered with Brazilian slate, while the gray tiled exterior complement the inner slate. Relax on the teak bench with a friend when you just want to take in the steam.

Shower with Limestone Tile

It’s all about relaxation and softness with this limestone tiled shower. Unexpected bits of softness like the water proof Roman shade, varying shapes and sizes of the limestone tile and the soft curves of the bench really inspire relaxation. The muted color palette also helps to create a serene atmosphere.

Curved Partial Wall

A partially curved, beaded wall is all that separates you from the rest of the bathroom. The half wall gives some measure of privacy and the otherwise open view lets the light in from your nearby windows. The bathroom can accommodate up to two people at once.


The hydrotherapy shower unit from SilverTAG is arresting, both in appearance and price. Get in the shower and have a series of jets, which are computer controlled, come at you from all directions. From the front, back, side, top and yes from directly under your feet. It’s an experience you’ll definitely want to have if you don’t mind the hefty price tag.

Rain Showers

If you’d rather not have jets of water coming at you from all directions the rain shower from RainSky might be what you need. Simulating nature, the shower sends a curtain of rainfall from above.

Fire Down Below

The Viteo shower sends the water from below your feet in a steady stream. Not for the fainthearted, and definitely not for the environmentally conscious since this unit will use a ton of energy to overcome the forces of gravity.

Chromatherapeutic Showers

There’s a thin line between water and lightning with the futuristic wellness shower from Gessi. The unit sends out varying colors as the water comes out to provide chromatherapy. Whether the therapy works or not, that’s up for debate, but it certainly provides an eye riveting experience.

Eco Drop Showers

If you’re mindful of water conservation you’ll want to limit the amount of time that you spend in the shower. With the Eco Drop showers, you won’t need a stopwatch or an alarm because the floor tiles will raise themselves up when you’ve used enough water to get clean. You’ll have to get out the shower because there won’t be anywhere for you to stand.

Would you pay the cost to have a unique shower in your home or are you satisfied with more traditional options?

Author: Edwin

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