Wall Installation vs. Floor Installation for Wrought Iron

Getting wrought iron balcony railings installed is a lot harder than installing many other types of minor furniture installations. Technically, railings are a type of furniture, but they stay with the house when you move.

They’re not like wooden rocking chairs for nursery usage, where you can pick them up, put them down, put it in the garage, put it in the living room, and then throw it away when you no longer need it. Wrought iron railings require installation, especially outside.

The first thing to check is are you installing it relative to the floor or relative to the walls? when you’re installing it relative to the floor, you’re generally installing it into concrete, and installing it into concrete requires a completely different system than installing it into the wall.

If you install the design it into the floor, you’re installing it to have the floor support it through epoxy adhesive. If you install it into the wall, you’re hanging it on bolts that go into the support beams of the house.

Both methods of installation require different means of attachment. If you’re installing it into the wall, you can generally do it as a solo project because you can hold up the rail and crank the drill with the other hand about as easily as many other things, and it’s fairly easy to straighten out a crookedly hung balcony rail that is attached to the wall.

If you’re doing the wrought iron installation through the floor, however, you’ll want another person to help you so they can hold the pole up while you pour the epoxy glue into the hole to hold the pole in. it doesn’t matter if the other person is technically skilled or not, they just need to have two hands to hold it up. Just don’t do it by yourself or you will end up with crooked railings.

Author: Edwin

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